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I am search friend Wwe jillian hall mole like emotions

Jillian Hall is a former professional wrestler and manager best known for competing in WWEwhere she portrayed a villainess. She met the trio backstage and was hired as their "fixer," while also revealing a hideous mole Sunset thomas cathouse the left side of her face.

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Oh yeah, she also had a weird growth on her face that was bitten off by the Boogeyman.

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Jillian Hall's original gimmick was she had a huge growth on her face. It lasted a few months before the Boogeyman bit it off, which gave Jillian the confidence to start her music career. Jillian had that thing solely for an angle where Boogeyman Katee owen pink bra it. Vince watched Austin Powers like 8 years after it came out and thought it was the funniest damn thing ever.

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Jillian Hall was originally JBL's "campaign manager". She had this growth on the side of her cheek that, like the other dude said, was basically there for Boogeyman to increase his gross-out factor by eating it.

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I could understand Boogeyman when he was merely a worm-eating voodoo priest or whatever. When he became a cannibal that procured nourishment from cancerous facial growths, he really crossed a line.

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The boogeyman bit a fetus off her face. Maybe I'm thinking of South Park.

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Edit: the makeup isn't even that bad, this is before savini started working with them yes? I had nightmares after watching this being eaten by Boogeyman years ago.

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Fuck you man this needs to come with a nsfw or Public humiliation dares tag. I remembered this and didn't want to remember it at all. Ironically she ended up ruining her looks with henious plastic surgery post boogeyman bite.

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Found the internet! Sort by: best. I actually liked Hot Bread.

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Continue this thread. Vince being fucking weird again.

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Maybe I'm thinking of South Park Edit: the makeup isn't even that bad, this is before savini started working with them yes? The night Boogeyman almost made me puke He also did that at his debut.

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