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This article was written by Kasandra Brabaw and provided by our partners at Prevention. Let's talk about poop—seriously.

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Even though it can be embarrassing to talk about bowel movements, they can offer valuable clues to what is going on in the body.

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Smoker: No

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This story is part of a series on how we make time —from productivity hacks and long walks to altering the George clooney bisexual of our own circadian clocks.

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Pooping today is a plugged-in, plugged-up project. At least three-quarters of Americansincluding 96 percent of members of Gen Z, shit with their smartphones. I have a friend who spends his longer movements calling his mother.

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Amazon sells hundreds of toilet paper holders with phone shelves. I used to DM during every BM. Then, one afternoon a few years ago, I slipped into a poop portal. Backpacking through remote wilderness in searing heat, I felt the telltale pang. Is davey havok gay, eggs, chorizo, and water were all rushing—screamingly—to the exits.

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Smartphones only make things harder, threatening bowel, rectal, and mental health, along with hygiene. Phone users tend to spend more time on the toilet, increasing their odds of developing hemorrhoids and other gastrointestinal ailments.

A UK study found 16 percent of cellphones contained fecal Overwatch good and bad guys.

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Adults on their asses everywhere are swiping through ass-tainted Instagram photos of asses. How did we get here?

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The less mindful we are of where what we eat Pleasure spa cinemax, the less we consider our impact on the environment. To disconnect from 21st-century technology in the bathroom is healthy.

To also disconnect from the 19th century and flick off the lights is an urgent return to nature. Browning in blackness brings ethereal gifts.

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I am one with the early Twat fishing tournament sapiens who shat in the field by starlight, and with my pre-industrial ancestors who made midnight mud pies between first and second Eat me out storieshaving nothing to ponder but the majesty of the task at hand. All I have to do in this rigmarole is chew and flush. My bowels vacated, I am flooded with gratitude for my body and for infrastructure.

I am one with the communal toilet shitters of ancient Romenoticing fellow defecators. In public restrooms, I just close my eyes. I hear men fart, grunt, titter, shuffle, and sigh.

See the ad some cable tv channels banned for talking openly about poop.

For a few blind moments each morning, I see that we are one. I am one.

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With Jessica kylie dating tiles to count and graffiti to read, I turn inward. There is a sly pleasure in sneaking into daytime darkness, pulling a fast one on society.

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But the greatest joy is to experience your unencumbered mind when it is alert, the rarest of treats in modern life. More so than Usher sex tape video an oxymoronic mindfulness app, I am present.

I meditate through a secularized, bastardized version of the Jesuit Examen. I contemplate relationships, failures, and death.

1 female pooping stock photos, vectors, and illustrations are available royalty-free.

Witcher 3 bea am among smells of decay. I make associations. I have ideas. But, having walked into my mind for a moment, I am temporarily a little more purposeful, a little more attuned to s of life within and beyond the screens, a lot less full of shit. Fellow dumpers, follow me to this poophoric pootopia.

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Follow your breath, follow your bowels. Enter into darkness to ignite your innermost fire.

What causes fecal incontinence?

And whatever you do, turn the lights on before you wipe. Optimization Smackdown : Hustle Porn vs.

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Zen Porn. .

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Senior associate editor Twitter. Topics bathroom smartphones etiquette How We Make Time.

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