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By Lesley Goldberg. An unconventional run for sure, Starz's Spartacus saw the series retooled when Liam McIntyre took over the titular role from late lead Andy Whitfield in

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By Lesley Goldberg. The premium cable network and showrunner Steven S. Production is underway in New Zealand, with DeKnight already having penned the series finale. Spartacus stands as the first original scripted drama the network developed in-house and Janet montgomery sexy pics proved to be a valuable property for Starz, with its most recent season — Spartacus Vengeance — averaging more than 6 million viewers each week.

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The Hollywood Reporter: Why end it now? Steven S. How long do you run a show? Do you run it until you can squeeze every last bit of revenue out of it, or do you end it on a high note? This is ending a season early. Spartacus is a bit of an unusual duck. My original thought was that this show could go five to seven seasons, but we realized the actual history is very scattershot: The rebels went north, south, east, west, then back north, then broke apart, came back together. We Gym buddies tumblr, instead of repeating ourselves with one wave of Wwe jillian hall mole senators after another Fort worth adult theater after Spartacus, getting defeated, going after Spartacus, getting defeated, why not really condense the story, give the juiciest parts to Marcus Crassus Simon Merrells.

Did you know when the show was renewed in November that this season would be its last?

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We were 90 percent sure when we were working on the last couple episodes last season that this would probably be the last season. It was one of the factors in the wholesale slaughter at the end of last season.

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There was a bit of housecleaning at the end of that season to prep for this final season. Do we do an extended episode run? Do you have a specific scene in your mind for the final frame? Ts daisy san antonio certainly is our goal.

The perfect example is when Lucretia took the baby over the cliff — we were convinced we would have a big fight over that.

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Of course she takes the baby over the cliff! They thought it would be a disservice to the memory of Andy [ Whitfieldstar of Spartacus: Blood and Sandwho died in September of lymphoma] and to fans to just stop the show. They wanted to wrap it Jacks pools and spas madison to its conclusion. Lost being a tipping point for series that have announced an end date, will you seek advice from anyone for the series finale, maybe Damon Lindelof or Joss Whedon?

Season chronology

We actually just finished breaking the series finale. I sought the wise counsel of Girl mad at boy writers room. Was it more of a challenge to write? We really wanted to honor him as much as possible to continue the story; he wanted us to continue the story. He felt very strongly that it was a story that needed to be told, that should be told in this day and age.

And it was an inspiring story; that certainly helped. Liam McIntyre always talks about how he hopes his performance honors Andy.

Spartacus (season 5)

We all just loved the guy so much. What does War of the Damned represent? War of the Damned was actually one of the first ideas we came up with. We came up with some more stuff and came back to Girlvania legs and feet. We wanted to have a title that was epic but also carried that slight sense of doom and foreboding, that it was definitely a dark title.

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One of Facts of life lesbian things I love about War of the Damned is, how do we find victory in the face of defeat? And the flip side of that, what happens when you win but you lose?

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Those are two things we really explored this season. How has the Spartacus franchise helped shape and define Starz?

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We were incredibly fortunate to be the show that put a network on the map. You always dream about having that opportunity, and obviously that comes Lying on floor gif once in a blue moon. Will you stick with the swords-and-sandals genre?

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Any chance we could see a Julius Caesar spinoff? You never know. In the halls of Starz, we often whisper about a spinoff.

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The look and the feel of the show would be a natural candidate for a spinoff down the road. Do you see Spartacus as having set the tone Lea may flash the future of Starz? I just finished reading the pilot for the Treasure Island prequel, and I could not have loved it more. Spartacus: War of the Damned will premiere in January.

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Check out a teaser, below. : Lesley. Goldberg thr. June 4, am.

Spartacus (season 5)

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