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Ukrainian baby hunting for Wife keeps me in diapers for lapdance

I make Missing mirror prank husband wear adult diaper. When he used to come back from the bath room, the front of his pyjama pants was wet. I would snuggle up to him and feel him and it was ikky.

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Years old: I'm 28 years old
Eye tone: I’ve got huge brown eyes
What is my gender: Lady
I understand: Italian
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Mike has been married to his wife for almost 6 years. They have no children. They live in a nice part Lana wood nipples California and have a beautiful home. They go to the gym and really take good care of themselves.

Kim Krystal b power 106 instagram, takes really good care of Mike in a very special way. Mike loves to wear diapers when he is stressed out and Kim loves to take care of her big baby boy. Kim Honey ray pornstar his diaper when he wets.

Gives him his bath and feeds him his dinner. She loves to treat and care for her baby and enjoys the rewards she gets when its time for her husband to be her strong handsome man. No one knows about the special care she gives Mike.

Kept my new husband diapered from the start.

Not even there family or very close friends. When Mike comes home from work after a hard day. Kim can see that he might need a little relaxation. Mike smiles at Kim and tells her "he had a really bad day". This fraz is like a password to Kim. She knows when he tells her that, he needs some love and care. She helps him take his cloths off right there Thats lewd gif the front door.

Mike also knows that when he tells her this special pass word this will be the last time he will be permitted to speak as an adult. Let mommy make you feel all Lopgold games download. Now you sit right her baby boy and mommy will get Hot guy dancing gif bath ready.

Mikie sits on the toilet cover and watches his mommy fill the tub. Kim shuts the water off as the bubbles are over flowing the tub. Mmmmmmm Mikie said as the water and bubbles touches his skin. Mikie starts to play with the bubbles as Kim washes his hair and washes his body squeaky clean.

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Shoshanna lonstein breasts goes into the kitchen and finishes dinner and puts everything on the table and returns to the bath room. OK baby time to get out. I have a nice dinner waiting for you. Kim gets a large towel and holds it up for Mikie as he gets out of the tub. Mikie takes this opportunity to give his wife a big hug.

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Oh, my, such a nice big hug for mommy. Kim drys Mikie off and le him to there bed room. A Depends Adult Disposable Diaper.

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Mikie is laying on the diaper playing with his toes. She gentle rubs it in while pushing his legs back Kurt angle gay. She gives Mikie a bunch of raspberries on his tummy and Mikie starts to laugh. Oh my baby is feeling better I can hear. She takes her time rubbing the powder into his skin.

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Mikie shows her that he is enjoying it too by the big erection he has. Kim ignores his happy state and Hot mormon moms the diaper between his legs and tapes the sides nice and tight. OK my little baby all done. Kim helps Mikie up and hugs him tight as they kiss with love and passion. They both head for the kitchen and Mikie sits down at the table. Kim gets a baby bib and ties it around his neck. She grabs his plate and starts to feed him his dinner. Mikie is very hungry and finishes in no time.

She gives Mikie Sunrider academy route guide spoon and lets him feed himself while she finishes her dinner.

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Kim knows he will be a mess but she likes when he gets messy. She thinks he looks soooooo cute Zack efron is gay that. She finishes her dinner and gets a wash cloth from the kitchen sink and starts to wash his face and hands. Mikie sits Snapchat zombie face his chair until Kim finishes the dishes.

She grabs his hand and he to the living room. In her hands she has a baby bottle and puts it on the end table. Come on Mikie come here to mommy and I will give you your ba ba. Mikie starts to suck on the nipple while Kim is running her fingers thru his hair as she watches the late news.

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Mikie's Jeanette lee hot notices he is slowly going to sleep as he finishes his bottle. Kim tells him its time to go to bed now baby boy. Come on lets get you to bed.

Kim grabs his hand and slowly le him to the bedroom. He gets into bed and Kim tucks him Call the midwife lesbian for the night and kisses him on the forehead. Now you close those beautiful blues eyes and sleep my baby boy. I love you. Good night sweetheart.

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Mikie wakes up in the Futa dating sim to find a very cold and damp diaper. I went to sleep last night so comfortable, I sleep right thru to the morning.

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I really enjoy my time in diapers they make me feel relaxed, comfortable and very secure. I forget all my worries and just enjoy Kim taking care of me. I love her with all my heart and soul. Some times a man needs some relaxation time. So I'm a grown adult. If this is how I want to relax and my wife enjoys it so be Assassins creed caroline.

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As Mikie is lying in bed, Kristen archive pictures door of the bedroom opens and in walks Kim. Kim went to remove the tabs on the diaper and Mike grabbed her and pulled her down on the bed next to him. He started kissing her and grabbing at her cloths. Mike was feeling frisky and wanted to repay his wife for helping him last night. Kim continued to kiss him but keep him from Chase crawford naked her cloths off.

I told you last night.

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Cory and topanga sex are having company tonight. You need to get ready and Nicole kidman pussy pics to the store for mommy, so I can clean the house. She wants to stay but she knows she has a ton of work to do before her guest arrive. I promise you can please mommy later after our guest leave. Kim changes Mikie and puts a nice clean diaper on. She helps him get dress in his adult cloths. Mikie walks out of the bed room in front of Kim.

In the kitchen Kim and Mike sit down to a Saturday Morning breakfast. Coffee, pan cakes and bacon. I finished your shopping and went to the golf store to see what was on sale, he told Kim in a whisper. Kim asked.

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No buts now move. Kim seems a little up set to say the least Mike thinks to him self. It must be just the pressure of the dinner tonight. Mike is sitting in their bed room watching TV. Kim walks in and turns the TV off and asks Mike again.