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It's time to brush up on your comic book knowledge for Comic Con !

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Will, fear, rage, avarice, love, compassion, hope; these are the emotions that rule over the Emotional Spectrum in the DC Universe that the Green Lantern Corps call home. Each emotion is championed by a different Corps that uses their ability to wield their respective light for good or evil. But with all of the other Corps either helping or hindering the universe at large, who exactly are these White Lanterns? And where do White lantern cosplay fit on the inexplicably long timeline of the space cops known as the Green Lanterns and their constant battle against evil? The inception Angélica celaya hot the White Lanterns came about during one of the darkest times in the history of the DC Universe, when the cosmos-spanning zombie brawl that was the saga of the Blackest Night descended upon heroes and villains alike. With DC's heroes under attack from the Lord of the Unliving and commander of the Black Lantern Corps, Nekron, Universita del porno he Queens blade tentacle to annihilate all life in the universe, the arrival of the White Lanterns could not have come at a more dire moment.

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You can request a fully customized suit by sending your measurements. Features: It's a 2 piece suit Jacket and Pants.

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Lantern corps costumes

Call us now. Ask a question. Green Lantern Costume suit. Size Chart. Measurement Guide.

All the lanterns of dc you should know about

Based on 0 reviews. Pants Size Please Select 28 30 32 34 36 38 40 42 44 46 Custom size.

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Skip Measurments For Now 1. Fore Arm:. Chest under the arm pit :.

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Waist at the belly button :. Thigh 10cm from crotch point :. Calf 10cm from knee point :.

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Ankle at ankle bone :. Shoulder width at shoulder bone to bone :.

Green lantern costume suit

Back Length Neck to waist :. Elbow to Wrist:. Sleeve Length shoulder to wrist :. Knee bone to ankle bone:.

Waist to knee length:. Side Length Waist to ankle :.

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Inside Leg Crotch to ankle :. Height Neck to ankle :.

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Total height:. Shoulder Neck to shoulder bone :.

Dc comics white lantern crops costume

Weight lbs :. Women only under bust measurement :. Gender: Male Female. Custom Measures Updated Successfully. Error While Updating Measures. Add to Gymnast accidental nudity List Compare this Product.

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Green Lantern Costume custom suit. Green Lantern Custom Suit Features : You can request a fully customized suit by sending your measurements.

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