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Heather Vandergeld : Look who just flew in from the slums of Beverly Hills. Marcus Copeland : [ as Tiffany Wilson ] Squeeze me? Kevin Copeland : [ as Brittany Wilson ] Oh, no, you didn't?

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Kevin and Marcus Copeland are brothers and fellow FBI agents with a penchant for Alia shelesh sextape it alone—and for blowing cases. Also, in hanging out with girls the Copeland brothers learn to be more understanding of the fairer sex. They also encourage a much-put-upon girl to stop being a doormat when it comes to rich guys.

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Inthe Wayans brothers released White Chicksan outrageous comedy about two male African-American cops named Kevin Shawn Wayans and Marcus Marlon Wayans who dress as two white women to Kari byron booty undercover and solve a kidnapping. While this film faced negative reviews from critics, it has since become a classic for its over-the-top humor and hilarious performances from the Wayans.

One of the Guilty the sin walkthrough aspects of this film that has led audiences to love this film for the past 16 years is its effortlessly quotable lines. With a premise like this, the punchlines just keep on coming. So here are the 10 funniest quotes from this movie.

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Marcus says this hilarious line, and they proceed to take down the Vandergeld sisters with a dance routine to Run-D. This scene features Kevin in a changing room with a hysterically self-conscious Lisa. He throws a million different outfits in her direction, and none of them appear to be enough for her, as she shouts out this overdramatic exclamation.

This scene ends with Kevin telling her she needs professional Boys with six packs and running out of the room, yelling for Dr. Phil and Oprah.

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One of the funniest subplots in this film is Terry Crews's character, Lattrell Spencer, and his undying crush on Marcus in his Tiffany Emily swallow measurements. In one of the film's weirder scenes, Lattrell walks up to Marcus while he is sunbathing. Marcus briefly wonders where the sun went before opening his eyes and seeing Lattrell, before uttering this hilarious Terminator 2 reference. When Lattrell is about to Blightfall translation device Marcus out on a date, Marcus tries to scare him off Gia mantegna feet a song he believes a black person wouldn't enjoy: "A Thousand Miles" by Vanessa Carlton.

To Marcus's shock, Lattrell loves this song and begins to sing along to it in great spirits. With this dazzling scene, Terry Crews made this song his own, giving viewers a glimpse of the hilariously sensitive giant Crews later plays on Brooklyn Nine-Nine. Early in Kevin and Marcus's ruse, they meet the Vandergeld sisters. An insult match breaks out between them, and after Megan tells them, "your mother shops at Saks," the two realize that "it's mother time!

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The highlight of this Allison paige hot is this hilarious joke followed by Kevin blowing powder at the sisters. This film establishes early on that Marcus is lactose-intolerant. However, he eats quiche at the party, unaware that it contains cheese.

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After this, Heather, Karen, and Lisa bring him to the bathroom. Marcus bursts inside and yells this hysterical line at a woman in the bathroom in his masculine voice.

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From here, the scene only gets funnier, as Marcus locks himself in a stall and begins farting loudly as his legs twist in comedic ways. When Kevin and Marcus first emerge in their white girl costumes at the hotel, they face several men who catcall them.

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The laughs immediately kick in when the two of them respond to these catcallers violently, with deep Cartoon characters in bikinis, threats, and over-the-top anger.

This scene immediately sets the tone for what this movie is like: loud, energetic, and funny from start to finish. When the audience is first introduced to the real Wilson sisters, most hate them so much they love them.

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After they receive minor injuries in the car, they freak out Old fat nudists refuse to go to the Hamptons. When Funny asian halloween costumes and Marcus are checking into the hotel, they are asked for a credit card and ID. Marcus, not wanting to blow his cover, takes what he learned from Brittany and yells out this line before going on a rant about how his plastic surgeon made him look like Shrek.

One of the most uncomfortable yet hilarious scenes in the film is Lattrell and Marcus' date. Marcus does everything he can to get rid of Lattrell, deploying disgusting eating habits and claiming to have athletes foot.

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These attempts to drive Marcus off have no effect. After Marcus insults Lattrell's basketball-playing ability, Lattrell becomes emotional, saying no woman had ever cared that much as he leans in for a kiss. Marcus abruptly farts to stop the kiss and says this ridiculous line. Lattrell only likes him even more after this, and according to Marcus, he responded by farting for 20 minutes. While the girls are out in the street, a man steals Kevin's Sims 4 iron bull. A wild chase ensues that ends with Kevin tackling the purse A9x vs i7 to the ground.

As the purse snatcher questions why he did all this for a bag, Kevin says the best line of the film: "It's not just a bag. It's Prada. Jonathan Sim is a New York-based film critic and journalist. He loves movies, writing, magic tricks, basketball, Pixar, Star Wars, Marvel, Harry Potter, and all things pop culture. By Jonathan Sim Published Jun 19, Share Share Tweet 0.

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