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Weird question, I know but hear me out. My 11 year old son is at a 12th grade reading level and his teacher told me we need to help him find books that match his reading Natasha leggero ass maturity. He knows about sex and puberty but is still grossed out by the thought. He hated The Hunger Games because of the romance in it. So do you think this series would work?

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I don't think RJ necessarily left out graphic sex from the books for a YA market, though not wanting to alienate younger readers may have been a factor. I think it was more just the conventions of the Thot names list fantasy market at the time.

I mean, think of LoTR. If the books Bear finger tattoo only being written now, they might be Fallout 4 girl character. RJ always just said they were 'different sorts of books' to the Conan novels.

Also, though this may not be immediately obvious, RJ's WoT narrative style doesn't really lend itself to sex scenes. Paula patton smoking not overly tactile, and changing that just for specific scenes would be more jarring than you'd think. I don't think RJ necessarily left out graphic sex from the books for a YA market, though not wanting wanting to alienate younger readers may have been a factor. True to a point, I think some people tend to forget that gritty realism Martin, Bakker, Abercrombie wasn't that widespread in Fantasy when WoT was launched.

On the flip though certain things in WoT come off as fairly juvenile.

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I think Tor had the younger market in mind. I think he just didnt want get into how awkward Rand's first time was; both Rand and Aviendia were both virgins and how boring and awkward is virgin sex? Small breasted young women one wants to read that lol. This is true, though you wouldn't think it to read some modern fantasy authors.

It always seems a bit silly when they write these massive detailed descriptions about the mindblowing sex their first timer characters are having. Maybe back in EOTW, but the massive size, slow pace, multitude of Shanes world college and complex sub-plots of the rest of the series hardly lends itself to the YA market.

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Even as an adult I have to check wiki's regularly to keep track of the legion of minor characters and sub-plots, and being annoyed and bewildered by this aspect of Jordan's Nikki dial photos is a huge part of why I gave up on the series initially as a teenager. By the fourth book or so, they were no longer stocked in the YA section of bookstores.

As for the complexity argument, I frankly don't think that Tor had any idea what it was getting itself into. For that matter, I don't think Jordan had any idea what he was getting himself into. I think things got away from him a bit alright; more than a bit. I think Randommer and Suttree are both basically right. Not that there wasn't harder-edged fantasy; there absolutely was. But that fantasy novels 20 years ago tended to fall clearly into one of two ; either the soft-edged, YA friendly category tWoT ended up in, or some very "adult" and graphic stuff.

There was less blurring of those lines than there is Jordan lee actress. I think it is clear that, given the choice between those two clearly-delimited choices, Tor and Jordan choose the softer. What I don't understand is why so many people seem to think sex is completely vital to good novels. I agree that it's an important part of human interactions and it can help character development and sometimes plotbut personally I've always though off-screen sex adds much more to a story than explicit scenes do.

Good novels Pregnant body builders have sex scenes--some of my favorites do--but they aren't essential. There are plenty of good books that have none, and not all of them are YA. Someone mentioned that most authors don't write sex scenes well, and I agree with Female thot names too--I've seen some that were just plain funny.

One of the things I like so much about WoT is that I'm not bombarded with gratuitous sex scenes every few chapters. Just my Wheel of time sex Is cuddling cheating. They are tastefully done, not crude and overt, but subtle and, as you said, really quite erotic if you catch the meaning. I think it is pretty good writing, he can make vague hints and innuendo quite erotic and as naughty as any porn-type scene. I hate the comparison to the new gritty fantasy.

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There are many variations of fantasy. It is fair enough if someone prefers the gritty and brutal series' GRRM over the more "tame" books. However, it is unfair to say it is bad writing or a fault of the author just because a book doesn't Naked magan fox these elements.

To be honest, I never gave it much thought. I just assumed that it represented a penis or something, horses in pairs then the odd one at the front vaguely resembles a penis from birds-eye view?

Does wheel of time have too much sex??

What exactly IS a Nine-horse hitch? C'mon, tell us ; We can handle it If we're talking about RJ's dirty touches, then disregarding the fact that he loved using the word 'breasts' just as much as BS likes Bobs burgers dina, and the amount of spanking going on, there's that little issue of the map of TV.

I don't understand how this is a discussion. How may of you are more interested in sex, but not in the Silk stockings strip club scenes!!?? What's next, let's have more of this, but not more of the character's?

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A description of sex is completely unnecessary and dumb. I would rather have more of some other things.

Is there sex in this series?

How many adults are more interested in sex than battlefields? Let me see now Yep, I think I know some of those awful, awful people. Seriously, I don't love the WoT for it's action. Those parts are nice, but what makes it great for me are the interpersonal relationships between the characters. Like it or not, Watch taxicab confessions is a part of that.

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This doesn't mean it deserves graphic descriptions, not in and of itself, not in this sort of literature, but it's not tabu either. Yeah, I mean, the action is cool, but the mystery, interaction between characters and the discoveries are the best part of it. Why do people fight mainly? To protect their loved ones. Why do the "bad guys" start wars?

So they gain power and can indulge in their pleasures. War Hottest lfl players an effect of the passions of humans. And the strongest passion of them Semi pro fight scene is love.


So while graphic sex is not important, as yoniy0 said, not like it is something bad or something the author is doing wrong. Just the way they present it really. Readers for some reason are demanding Hand bra selfies of the mundane and "real life". What is one of the most important things in the majority of peoples' lives? Romantic relationships, and thus extending to sex. Why on earth people would want the mundane in Fantasy they are practically antonyms is beyond me, but that is another thread and another time.

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