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As nouns the difference between bench and wench is that bench is a long seat, for example, in the park or bench can be weightlifting the weight one is able to bench press, especially the maximum weight capable of being pressed while wench is archaic a young woman, especially a servant. As verbs the difference between bench and wench is that bench is sports to remove a player from play or bench can be transitive and intransitive colloquial to lift by bench pressing or bench can be while wench is to frequent prostitutes; to womanize. What's the difference Shantotto ii trust and.

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No one has ever actually called me a bench wench. But hey, it makes for a snappy title. And envisioning what an actual bench wench might be like, brings a smile to my face. Can you picture it? She or he attempts to Kiki minaj freeones full-size benches under her or his coat, whenever one tickles her or his fancy. But I love them enough to dedicate a whole post to it.

Years old: 25
What is my nationaly: Danish
My body features: Skinny
My favourite music: Hip hop

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Used in the context of the Viking Carol alt smoking. A gathering place for women who are either associated with, related to, or attached to a member of the Viking Table. Ordinarily, it will be a wooden, metal or plastic bench in the same general area as though not considered part of the Viking Table. Discussions at the Wench Bench, while determined by Gold diggers cabaret occupants, are generally centered around topics of feminine interest and would be of little interest to men at the Viking Table.

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A stupid woman using no logic in her thoughts, words, ideas, or actions. Used to describe a women's thoughts which are devoid of any logic.

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My mom said," The lady's at work said it was good A norwegian giraffe usually sighted playing with chinchilla buddies. This species is known for its specialness at getting raped on buses and being taller than you.

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The act of being a wench. Basically, menial labor appointed to someone by someone with more authority who was too lazy to do it themselves. Wench Bench meaning and definition What does Wench Bench mean?

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Here you find 1 meanings of Wench Bench. Wench Bench meaning. Wenchcycle meaning A woman in a wheelchair who is nevertheless very attractive.

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Wench Dickhead meaning 1. Wenche meaning A norwegian giraffe usually sighted playing with chinchilla buddies.

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Wenchel meaning anal area--the pair of cheeks that follow you everywhere, ass, buttcheeks,rear end,assets. Wenchelman meaning noun - a male wench.

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Plural form is wenchelmen. Wenche Myhre meaning A scandinavian singer with some success in central europe in the 70ies.

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Wenchery meaning The act of being a wench.