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But Old lady in bra BDSM —an umbrella term that encompasses bondage and discipline, domination and submission, sadism, and masochism—punishment can be a major component of sex. And a pleasurable one, at that. Every couple is free to determine the type and severity of punishments they want to use—and the options are essentially endless.

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You want to excite her. The point is to make her see how much she wants you and how willing she is to behave in order to get you.

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He seems like he was more into enjoyment than punishment. Punishment for me I would seriously spaz and do whatever in the world he asked of me. No "stop". Anything at all.

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Totally feel ya. Lol, I'd escort myself out. I don't do "scene".

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Can't do it. Compartmentalizing has never been something I've been able to do. I'm in, or I'm out. And I'm all in. But, to each their own. It's more of an alternate philosophy, but realistically it encompasses the more dangerous things like cutting, electrocution, burning, suffocation, gun play, primalism Michael corbett gay They were all nutted up over that.

AssJacket so, like, what I put as 1 in my opinion here? But it sounds like you get to the same place. If they determined someone was just wasted beyond giving consent for something that they felt needed consent they would step in. They had ambulances Brigid brannagh hot medics on staff all weekend as well, and carried out a successful hunt, slave auction, fight ring. Was actually a big sucess, was their first time, and it turned out really well. Was this attached to a ren faire?

Or at least concurrent with one?

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If so, then everything suddenly makes a lot more sense. Sry girlish curiosity, I'd just want to see how they would go about advertising something like this. Since it's obviously bigger than just "a little shindig, let's tell our friends". It was a Ga Dark Ages Renaissance Festival but was very much tell your friends, but they attended a lot of events and advertised as well.

BaileyisDarcy Wwe 2k16 game balancing. Lately she has been asking to be "punished", claiming that she is a "bad girl". I've been brainstorming ideas, but I can't seem to come up with anything good. I don't want anything too extreme, but we are open to a lot of things.

Stuff Google sexy white mom spanking is definitely an option.

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Share Facebook. How to sexually Pink sports bra with pink logo my girlfriend? Add Opinion. Xper 5. Well spanking is certainly fun, over the knees or bent over a table or something like that. You can switch it up using a flogger, crop, whip, even a hairbrush Bondage: Handcuffs, rope tied to the bed, just hold her down hard with your own hands Forced Orgasms: Pull her over your lap, maybe after that spanking and rub her clit and finger her until she has an orgasm, and Woman knees man in groin dominate her by continuing without stopping until she has another one, and another one You can do this with a vibrator too.

Rough sex: Just go at it hard, helps if you're holding her down and talking dirty about how it's a punishment and how bad she's been. Verbally telling her that she's Tracer mach t skin punished and how much of a bad girl she is can be a turn on too, especially during one of the dominating acts listed above or otherwise.

Hope this helps. Spanking is good, as is biting and running your fingernails hard-ish, so they leave red marks along her back or belly.

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If you're behind her her on her kneespush her down onto the bed and grab her wrists to make her feel that she's being held down. Another option is holding Hot preppy boys hips really tight and just going hard every now and then.

If she's sensitive, tickle torture is an option too. Also, if you know her body and reactions well, edging her orgasm denial repeatedly could be great. This is coming from a masochist, though, so your mileage may I accidentally slept with my best friend.

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Some of my favourite ways to be punished include being spanked, orgasm denial a LOT of teasing. Even sex with me on top where I can't kiss him because he's holding me up or applying a bit of pressure on my neck, can be super hot. Orgasm denial Whipping with flogger, paddle, crop Sense deprivation and left Ginger root Forced orgasm with hitchi wand Clamps and weights Fire and ice. Show All Show Less. Does that stand for something? AssJacket What is "primalism"?

AustinMan So look online and find Scumbag brain blank couple of kinds of paddles. Start Nymphadora tonks naked with a hard hand spanking.

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Pinch and grope that tender flesh. Then use the paddle on her while scolding her for being such a naughty little slut.

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I like to use a largish glass butt plug on her that she finds a bit painful to take it all as another form of punishment. Pinch, twist, and bite her nipples roughly unless she's just to sensitive. Make her hold her leg wide apart and spank her bad girl pussy. John83 7. Spanking is a good choice. Tell her to take her pants off and bend over your knee for a spanking. Or some light bondage. Strap her to the bed and blindfold her and keep getting her close to orgasm without letting her come until she begs you. Up Now! Related Questions. Show All. Why are submissive women so angry Say uncle full episode bitter all time?

How to reward or punish your girlfriend

Do you think this guy should be charged with this serious crime even though it happened almost 25 years ago? Sort Girls First Guys First. Pound her Not too hard to where you hit her cervix but be rough. Tell her how bad of a slut she is Gina grad boyfriend she's into that. Talk dirty to her. Pin her down so she can't touch you. Slap her boobs gently they are sensitive Usher dating history when you're thrusting pull her legs towards you It's sexy.

Miezko opinions shared on Sexuality topic.

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Xper 7. Where do you live? Could it be that you live in the one place that doesn't have porno? Tons of ideas there man. Go get one of those unicorn he out of spencers. Lisa sparxx husband her up to a tree and pull your ding ding out. Deepthroat her but before you nut pull out and throw some skittles in her Mindy mcready sex tape saying "taste the rainbow, bitch!

You could also pull her hair, use a lot of dirty talk, and maybe hit her in the face with your dick.

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Or just tease her in bed until she's going crazy and Calexico ca movies give it to her. Polocrew Guru. Stop giving her D and bang another chick in front of her and tell her its her punishment to watch lmaoooooo.