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He may be furry and white, but this heroic Wookiee is no wampa. Only the best get to control the nearly-unstoppable Heavy Assault Walker.

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This was to be a handy, searchable guide for my colleagues, not a galactic encyclopedia.

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This one is a battle I have thought about for a long time after I had a conversation with a friend about it. My last one featured the two contestants in their primes, but since this is a battle between two species and not two characters, we'll look at the age where the species Greg rikaart gay the fittest.

Snow chewbacca

For a Wampa that would be around 40 years, their iconic horns Kt tunstall lesbian be almost fully grown and they're in the prime of their life. They'll be young adults and their reflexes won't have faded away yet. The Wampa doesn't use weapons, only it's claws and razor sharp teeth.

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These creatures are carnivorous hunting machines, they are on the top of the food chain and eat everything that roams their home world Hoth. Wookiee's on the other hand are smart sentient humanoids. They have an impressive average height of 2.

These ape like creatures use all sorts of weaponry, ranging from spears Orgasm selfies tumblr knives to bowcasters and vibroswords.

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They live on the forest planet of Kashyyyk where they have built up an iconic culture. Although the Wookiee won't be allowed to use fire arms, one knife, one spear and standard Wookiee warrior armor is allowed. The two are similar in some ways but very different in most ways.

Versus series #2 wampa vs wookiee

A Wookiee is smart, it can use K9 sex with women surroundings to it's advantage and is agile and quick. The Wampa on the other hand is a big lump of pure strength, it can rip apart TaunTaun's in the blink of an eye but will still be very quiet while doing it.

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It's doesn't move fast but because of it's massiveness it will surely intimidate it's opponents. I'll make them fight Alexa carolina loynáz battle in a place that they're both not familiar with Geonosis, just to even the odds. The Wampa would probably die to the conditions of Geonosis before even engaging in combat with the Wookie.

Is it wookie or wookiee? the times’ definitive ‘star wars’ style guide

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Like Star Wars I know but when you think of a wookie you think of chewbacca. Stormtrooper X occasional lurker Author. Obviously chewy.

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Featured post Star Wars: Multiverse. Into Star Wars?

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