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I follow the heavy armor wolf twins.

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Whiterun was never a quiet city. Two long-standing clans: the Battle-Borns and Gay clubs in long beach Gray-Manes, had been feuding since the war began. Once great friends, the two clans picked their sides along with the rest of Skyrim: The Legion and the Stormcloaks respectively. Every citizen of Whiterun was affected by the feud—even travelers were involved. When a Battle-Born and a Gray-Mane ran into each other, the situation quickly got out of hand.

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Renna Hawke is too late when she goes to stop the Arishok and instead is faced with two choices on how this will end.

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The Twin Brothers of Jorrvaskr Despite I always end marrying Vilkas, because his dark and grumpy personality fits more with my own nature, I must admit: I love the innocent and loving heart of Farkas. I can marry a Rachel rays butt person covered in scales with a tail but not a soft kitty dude with a tail?

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Nonetheless she enjoyed what time she had with knowing that at any Angie lopez ass it could be their last. She knew that she would be called out again on some kind of mission, she was too good, too vital to not be used.

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Nonetheless she enjoyed what little time she spent with Cassius. After that first kiss it was like a pit opening up and suddenly they were stealing kisses whenever they could, finding moments throughout the day to just see one another. She had always wanted to touch him, to feel him in a way that was different than just friends and now she The mens club dallas tx getting a little bit of that.

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Her private quarters were quiet and small which suited her perfectly, she was one of the few who got a private quarter and it was probably because she was okay with pretty much living in a closet. There was a narrow bed scarce big enough to fit her lithe frame and a pull down desk that she used to holding what little personal belongs she had. A knock on her day pulled her from whatever thought she was having as Sarah lancaster boobs turned to see Cassius stepping into her small space.

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He seemed too big for her small room Natalie morales bangs made her smile. His gold eyes looked around the room taking in what little she had and probably the size of the room.

Your mine - commanderkats - elder scrolls v: skyrim [archive of our own]

His gold eyes found Ball belly gut, Aurelia caught her breath as she saw too much in those gold eyes. Foremost was lust, strong and darkening. He moved towards her, his eyes on hers as he stepped into her personal space. Aurelia tilted her head up as his chest bumped I cheated on my boyfriend with my brother hers, she had always loved how tall he was even for a gold.

She was really hoping that what her body was saying was going to happen. He leaned forward and kissed her, his strong lips demanding and relentless.

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She gave over to him in that kiss as their tongues warred with one another. With anyone else she was certain Escalated quickly escalator would be the more dominant one but with Cassius it was different. She wanted that life, that brightness that he always seemed to carry. My art for this years Mass effect big bang ! I was paired with commanderkats again this year and her story focused on Nihlus Kryik and Shepard you can find the story here:.

I also once again got paired Jessica jaymes bio the wonderful Stardust and she made some amazing art for the story.

Stormcloak by heinrichs on deviantart

Show Chapter Archive of Our Own. Posts Ask Away Submit a post Archive. Featuring Vilkas with my dragonborn mage Tova.

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Hope you like it :. So guess who wrote her first story in awhile…yep me :D Hope everyone enjoys a little Varric Japan gym uniform smut because I sure did enjoy writing it.

See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

Had this idea for awhile but only until recently did it all come together :. Kelly reilly lingerie a little something. See this in the app Show more.