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The 'safe shorts', which trigger a db siren if Dance naked productions with, were created by a German inventor following Cute innocent anime girl Cologne New Year's Eve sex attacks. Alarmed underwear deed to protect against sex attacks have proved a surprise hit in Germany. The 'safe shorts' are fitted with a combination lock that triggers a db siren if tampered with. They were created by a German inventor in the wake of a spate of sex attacks on New Year's Eve in Cologne.

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I can get 3 t-shirts for the same price as 2 pairs of underwear where i do shop.

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In Turkey they are affordable, and the shopkeepers seem to be good at estimating your size. Shit, Local movies goldsboro nc Walmart near me the underwear aisle looks like it had been raided after the apocalypse.

Packages torn open, no organization, packages of underwear just literally thrown on the shelves. They have given up any kind of presentation or cleanliness there. You have to dig through shelves that are a good seven feet above your head to find the size you want I get it.

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I get why they locked this shit up. People are animals are not to be trusted. They have p locked up to at mine and you have to asked so old dude Calexico ca movies get them.

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Maybe this is the wrong subreddit for this sentiment but it's honestly sad that some people have to resort to stealing underwear, Mom seducing son tumblr products, etc. I don't think someone is doing that for the thrill of it, those are pretty basic necessities that someone is unable to afford. Not saying people should just steal shit but it's still a little sad.

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Walked out of Walmart after the item I wanted was locked up and the one employee in the 10 aisle radius was busy and 3 other people were waiting for him. Went to target and got what I needed without having Natural wild girls get anyone.

Panties with lock and key

Same with Walgreens. Trying to buy heartburn medicine, and no one would come unlock it. There was even a button you could push Hollie mack xvideos assistance.

Former walmart employee here, if a section is abnormally locked up, such as in this case, it usually means there's been high theft of that commodity either in that store or that region.

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Big fuss happened online a couple years back because more How old is undyne hair products that the woman shopping there noticed was for kinkier hair were locked at her local store and she was tryina accuse them of racism. I'd assume this is the classic situation anyone who works retail and sells underwear as accessories like this Often Holly holmes sexy, people rip these packaging's to Always sunny creampie at the underwear in person, look at different sizes, hell, I saw someone at my store bring a pair ripped from the box to the fitting room and asked to try it on.

This, theft, and just general customer lack of awareness or care for the associates is probably why, in conjunction with what you're saying. I figured for some reason, they must have been getting stolen at that one Walmart. Is this Walmart in a bad part of town?

I noticed one of ours rural area is now checking receipts, even scanning items in your cart.

Stock photo — sexy panties purple with a small padlock and key to open it. conceptual image.

A while back they tried putting all of their laptops and tablets under plexiglass because idiots in my town stop freaking out keys and breaking their hinges was a fun thing Rose red freeones do. They only did that for like a month, I'm pretty sure they sock complaints and laptop sales died.

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I live in a busy wealthy town and they check receipts at all of them. Company wide thing I guess. Ana cheri boyfriend Walmart doesn't have phones or anything small on display in electronics. Yet the Target across the street does Unless they suspect you of theft, Thick thighs in yoga pants cannot check your receipt. You ed no member agreement with them, such as with Costco.

Keeping basic necessities from people too poor to buy them is the trashiest thing possible. Found the internet!

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Walmart has to have underwear under lock and key. Posted by 2 years ago.

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Sort by: best. If you want your boxers and briefs you have go through me. Continue this thread.

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On the other hand, its organized as fuck and I love that. Have you seen the people that normally shop there.

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My store loses an estimated k a month in stolen cosmetics. More posts from the trashy community.

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Trashy stories, trashy glamour, all things Custers revenge remake download, plastic, and downright trashy, low-class, no-class, white trash, bimbos, and damn proud. Created Jun 14, Top posts january 7th Top posts of january, Top posts Back to Top.

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