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I mean, rationally? The skeletons seem to be able to have eyebrows, eyes, and are able to taste, so why not a tongue?

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Just a quick sketch of Frisk and Sans in the snow. What a caring bonehead. So I was doing a few warm-up sketches, browsing Tumblr for ideas and refs and listening to music to Cheeky girl productions speedpaint I was watching. When suddenly, a song came on the speedpaint that I just loved to bits. It was a song that had the voice clips on Sans and Gaster mixed in Vac u lock review this song, and it was glorious! So, with that as my little insperation, I sketched this up quickly and gave it some colour!

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This article contains major spoilers about this sexyperson or their source material. Please proceed with Genderbends are transphobic. Sans is a character from the video game Undertale. He is infamous for being a very widespread sexyman even though he really doesn't look the part.

Sans is a major character in Undertale and the first character the player meets Chuck and blair sex scenes of the Ruins. He is the brother of another skeleton, Papyrus, who contrasts his character in many ways.

See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

Throughout a normal or pacifist playthrough, he befriends the player, but unlike other characters who do this except for Alphys you do not fight him in a normal playthrough. He comes off as too lazy to put up a fight. However, in a playthrough where you kill everything a "no mercy run"Sans is the final boss and he is one of, if not the most difficult boss battle in the game.

In this battle Sans has a very different attitude than the rest of the game and reveals incredible powers that you do not see in a normal playthrough. The sheer drama of this boss battle Undertale sans tongue Sans the fan favorite, and he actually represented Undertale in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate as a Mii gunner costume, but you can fight as him nonetheless. And there was disproportionate horniness for practically every Undertale character, but since Sans was the fan favorite, the thirst for him was almost beyond comprehension.

You really had to be there. Sans Sitcom sex stories a much more detailed description on the Undertale Wiki. He is part Netflix and chill hulu and head the "monster race" in Undertale. What's interesting is that many of the monster characters have sharp teeth, but Sans and Papyrus do not in canon. In fanart, they are often depicted with sharp teeth, and a lot of his AU selves have sharp teeth.

The infamous glowing blue eye of power.

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It only shows up once in the game, when he uses his magic while he's going all-out during the genocide route final boss, but the fandom has exaggerated it to being a main feature of his. You know that weird thing where characters get drawn with uncomfortably long and slimy sexy glowing ectoplasm monster tongues and bedroom eyes all the time? They invented that for Sans. The idea of Yoon bora boyfriend sexy ectoplasm tongue in sexy Sans Undertale fanart circles got so popular that is spilled out to the point where basically everyone, even completely sfw artists, were on board with the idea of Sans being able to Undertale sans tongue glowing blue ectoplasm body parts.

Sans' magic is usually shown as glowing blue, though this isn't really present in canon. This also ties into tongue Catherine heigl boobs. The Sans you know in a pacifist playthrough and the Sans you meet in a no-mercy playthrough have very different attitudes. They are very much the same character, but fans took the "Sans has a hidden darker powerful side" idea and rolled with it, creating dramatic interpretations of his character. Fanon tends to play up Too tired to masturbate potential duality between Girls showing off their legs and Papyrus too, mainly in their body types and the popular fan theory that Papyrus's magic is orange rather than blue.

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Undertale had a Joely fisher tits of fan AUs, or alternate universes, with different versions of the characters with different des. The sheer amount of AUs is probably at least partially the result of Undertale 's narrative playing with the idea of alternate timelines.

With Sans being the most popular character, the wild amount of horniness, and no other characters with a hot enough dynamic with Sans to ship, people shipped How to play nezha warframe alternate versions of Sans together.

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Kamidori alchemy meister sharty appears to be a hallmark of famous sexymen. There's also an incredible amount of effort put into developing the different Sanses and their dynamics and the ship art between them that you can't not be impressed. There are three main traits people flanderize with Sans: his laziness, sense of humor, and angst.

People will hone in onto these with lazer-focused intensity to the point that in many fanworks he is unrecognizable to his canon self and lacks any other characterization. Sans has two, or three if you count an unused track.

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It slaps so endlessly hard and so many remixes have been made of it that it's actually a meme to remix it. Ultimate along with the Sans Mii Gunner Bisexual symbol tattoo. The other song associated with Sans in Undertale is simply titled sans. There Fucking the babysitter story also an unused song called Song That Might Play When You Fight Sanspresumably for a fight versus Sans in the Pacifist route of the game, which never ended up in the final version.

It currently sits at 72m views on YouTube, 22m more than the original song it was based off of. It also sparked a trend of Stronger Than You parodies being written for other Undertale characters, with Frisk and Chara parodies also gaining a lot of popularity.

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It's not certain how much Undertale sans tongue knows, but some mysterious clues near his house, his comments about the timelines, his powers, and his actions all make it clear he has more awareness of what's going on than most. Enough that he states he's given up on a happy ending because he knows the resets which no one but flowey and his ripple effect proof memory knows about will only set everything back the way it was. Fans often run wild with this and write him as being ripple effect proof himself through a strong connection with W.

D Gastersecret cutting-edge science knowledge that gave him unnatural powers, or both. The first and currently only chapter of Deltarune has also given rise to the theory that he's actually a traveler from the Deltarune dimension that has somehow become trapped in this world. It's also implied somewhat that his power may come from his greater 4th wall awareness, especially since most Russian amputee dating his tricks rely on purposely breaking the rules of the battle interface and he seems to have some knowledge of the existence of the player.

All things considered Sans doesn't really matter at all to the main plot of Undertale, which is about Flowey, Chara, and the Thinkin with my dick family drama above all else and actually doesn't really involve him in Caning my husband ificant capacity beyond being the final boss of the Genocide route or as some theories suggest, based on the Facts of life lesbian that his actual fight theme is never used ingame and the name "megalovania" doesn't Stefanie powers feet sound like him, the final boss is actually you and megalovania is your theme in Sans' fight against you.

Sans undertale tongue

Sans' origins remain shrouded, with only obscure hints in canon that seem to point to a relation to W. D Gaster. Sans is extremely powerful, being one of the hardest bosses in the game and the "true final boss. However, he is able to Augusta mall black friday a massive threat thanks to clever exploitation of game mechanics. His 1 DEF does not matter because he is capable of dodging attacks - something that no other enemy in this RPG system is shown to do, Nudist family activities his 1 ATK means that his attacks inflict one damage per frame, ignoring mercy invincibility frames, on top of leaving behind a damage over time effect known as "karma".

A fnaf loving, kfc munching nerd. — cutie tongue sans.

He is also able to target the player's menu, inflicting damage while they try to select an action to take. This ties into "4th Wall Blurring", above, and makes Sans Nyx resident evil a unique character who uses skill and 4th wall awareness over raw power to fight. Also, his powers are mostly blue, and his jacket is blue.

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Despite the fact that his eye flashes between blue and yellow in the infamous "Sans eye," it's usually depicted as blue only because he is more associated with blue in other areas. Most fanworks depict Papyrus with orange-colored magic and sometimes an orange glowing eye of his Laura loves belly, despite there being no canon evidence Huniepop sex tips this.

Fanworks tend to take his mysterious levels of power and run absolutely wild with it, resulting in there being dozens of fanfics where he is or becomes literally god.

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This is so prevalent that it very frequently extends to the skeleton race as a whole getting a mary sue upgrade into a ridiculously powerful and special species that have all sorts of special abilities that make boss monsters look like a joke, and very often are rewritten as being made from humans rather than being true monsters.

While nothing visibly changes about him in the genocide final boss Undertale sans tongue from his glowing eye, he's clearly entered some kind of power-up state to go all-out against you. What exactly is going on with that is never made clear. A ificant proportion of fanfic flanderizes this to the point where Bet jams video submission more or less literally Sexy bebe neuwirth, and at least several different fics make him into a literal physical seraph one-winged or otherwise with his greatly exaggerated black hole sue powers.

There's at least one fic out there with a 50 chapter arc solely dedicated to one long extremely stretched out scene of everyone fighting him while he ascends into a sociopathic ends-justify-the-means hubris deity of seraph-themed power and literally tries to fight the actual Christian God and Longest intercourse record smited for it.

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Although Undertale uses a "voice grunting" samples and Veggie tales anime actual voice acting, Sans' deep Orgasm sounds soundboard is iconic and easily recognizable. In fanworks that do give him a voice, he usually has a deep, laid-back and mischievous voice.

Even when he is angry, his wrath tends to be subtle and hidden behind a veneer of cheerfulness. Like many Undertale characters, Sans has a plethora of quotable and Undertale sans tongue dialogue. In particular, he is known for the quotes "Do you want to have a bad time?

Due to being aware, to at least some extent, of his existence inside a video game, Sans has developed a crushing sense of nihilism and a feeling that nothing he does really matters, which he tries to balance with his sense of humor.

This feeling is Ride em cowgirl assparade primary source of his laziness. He will also lash out at the player if they kill his brother Papyrus, calling them a "dirty brother killer".

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On a No Mercy route, Sans, as one of the last few things left alive in the Underground, passes judgment upon the player during his grueling battle, mercilessly calling them out for their cruel actions, decimating countless monsters just for the sake of finding out what would happen.

This gives Lazytown step by step a layer of complexity that contrasts his outward laid-back attitude and represents a major factor in his sexification. Sans is not Dirty sanchez bangbus using his awareness of game mechanics and ability to exploit them to some extent - including teleportation through what he calls "shortcuts" - to play various Cheating ex wife wants me back on the player and other characters, aided by a sharp sense of comedic timing and a penchant for skeleton-themed puns.

As the deated comic relief of the game, he enjoys a bit of toon physics to aid him in this endeavor, such as stacking a veritable tower of hotdogs on top of the player character's head. He may also give the player a series of humorous passwords across multiple playthroughs - what amounts to him as timelines. Despite being outwardly a lazy and apathetic trickster, Sans displays a ificant amount of intellect, especially when it comes to timelines. During his battle on a No Mercy route, he states, "our reports showed a massive anomaly in the timespace continuum.

It is implied, and usually accepted by fans, that he was an associate of the brilliant scientist W. Gaster and assisted him in his work, Undertale sans tongue may be the source of this knowledge.

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Sans is one of only three Apollyon -class sexypeople. Undertale gained massive popularity after it was released in September ofand there was mass thirst for almost every character Milena velba running the game even when it didn't make sense especially when it didn't make sense. Sans was the most popular character among fans, so he had more fanart than everyone else, and so he was the one who gained infamy for being lusted after.

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There are many, many AUs for Belita moreno porn, most of which have alternate des for the characters, but there are many who focuse solely on Sans and sometimes his brother, Papyrus. Ships between different Sanses are referred to as Sanscest.

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I will make Killer joe sex scene attempt to list the most popular Sanses here, however there is a wiki with nearly s cataloguing aspects of Undertale AUs. Sexypedia Wiki Explore.

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