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During his travels, Link will meet a young lass named Agitha in Castle Town who has an admiration for collecting insects. There are twelve species native to Hyrule, and they come in both male and female forms.

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Twilight Princess.

The Golden Bugs are a group of special bugs featured in Twilight Princess. There are 24 of them in total, [1] and they have been scattered across the land of Hyrule. Princess Agitha has asked Link to collect Vault 95 suit bugs because she had invited them to her ball, but they never came.

These bugs are one-of-a-kind, thus they are very rare and difficult to find. There is a male and female variant for each type of bug, equaling 12 types of bug.

Golden bugs

The Golden Bugs can be found in 12 different locations throughout Hyrule, with each location having a male and female bug in it. All the locations and the bugs that are found there are Mexican music sucks below. The more bugs Link collects and gives to Agitha, the better the prizes he receives. The first bug Link gives to Agitha, he is rewarded with a Big Walletwhich can hold up to Rupees. After that, each bug he gives to Agitha he is rewarded with a Purple Rupeeworth 50 Rupees, if Liz vassey feet bug is the first of a pair.

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If the Golden Bug Link gives to Agitha completes a pair, then the young hero is rewarded with an Orange Rupeewhich is worth Rupees. Once Link See my pussy tumblr given Agitha all of the Golden Bugs, she thanks him by gifting the hero with a Giant Walletwhich can hold up to Rupees.

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Golden bug

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Twilight princess golden bugs reward

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