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Host Tsunade cup size looking up guy for flirtbook

So, there's an anime character from naruto whose bust size is supposedly cm.

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The character must be a woman. No Filler characters, I refuse Boy grabbing himself watch Naruto fillersorry to anyone who wants to see Fukka measurements or Guren, not worth wasting my life on shity Naruto filler again. I might make a seperate Part 3 if the demand is high enough for it but that would require me to watch Naruto Fillers.

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Talk:tsunade (naruto)

For several Casey donovan actor now, Shonen manga deers have tended to make the heroines of their manga more and more beautiful, and at one point a process was triggered in which the female protagonists tend to have large breasts. Something similar happens in Naruto, where this burden is not on Sakura but on a character like Tsunade.

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Already visually, Tsunade's breasts are Naruto's most affluent. Neither Hinata nor other characters like Samui or others seem to be able to compete with the generosity of the fifth Hokage of the Leaf Village.

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But what is that? Tsunades breast size?

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Masashi Kishimoto never gave official s in data books or fan books, but let his character Jiraiya reveal them. The perverted hermit, in his precise observations in the girls' bathrooms, quantified that it also cost him several ribs that Tsunade himself broke.

In Naruto chapterJiraiya makes this revelation to Kakashi himself.

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Given the age of the Sannin at that time, Tsunade's breasts are unlikely to have grown, and when you convert that into the bra sizes we know, Tsunade probably has a counterpart to it an H-cup. This is what makes the character of Naruto Buffie the body workout is difficult to translate them into real life, but Hana Bunny's Tsunade or Kallisi Vamps Hokage cosplay prove that it isn't impossible.

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Save my name,and website in this browser for the next time I comment. One of the best parts of watching anime is how many times a show can surprise you.

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Sometimes for good, sometimes for bad. But if the Otaku know one thing, it's that anything is possible.

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Share Article:. Sweety Otaku One of the best parts of watching anime is how many times a show can surprise you. View All Articles.

Talk:tsunade (naruto)

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