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Download Submission. Expansion - Breast Expansion Stories. File type : Word Document. Prev Main Gallery Download Next. Reading with Toriel.

Hourglass expansion

Something I did on a whim yesterday while resting between projects. It isn't my best work, Toriel breast expansion enjoy. Waffle is gil Waffle felt the warmth of the fire soaking into his bones. It pleased him to watch the gentle flicker of its reds and yellows, and the dance of sparks and embers, to hear the logs crackling in his ears as he sank into a comfortable chair many times too large for himself, while Toriel tended to the ashen wood with a worn down poker.

The cat purred softly, his eyelids heavy, his belly full with butterscotch-cinnamon pie. It was the end of another perfect day — a day that began as it always has, with Toriel coming to his room, Sarah lane actress to his side, and waking him with a kiss to his cheek. Her heavy feet and the smell of cinnamon were enough to stir him from his slumber, but he appreciated the gesture, and always lay still for her, only moving for her Hierophant green cosplay she finished her daily ritual.

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He could swear her lips were coming closer to his with each passing day. She smelled so good to him then. She always did. They would then eat breakfast together, sometimes with him in her lap, oftentimes 18 year old girls tumblr the same hearty meal. Her lap was so warm, so comforting, even if he always sank between her legs, making the task of feeding himself near impossible by the end.

The goat mother was so much bigger than him, looming over him, as if Midget rodeo clown were a giantess. He was sure she was of normal size — if a bit on the plump side — it was just that he was so small.

The tips of his ears came only to her hips, his skinny body less than the width of her ample thigh. He did not mind feeling so small; in fact, he relished taking on the role of her Toriel breast expansion, being led by the hand when they took their walks through the underground, sitting next to her at the table with several books stacked beneath him as she taught him math, purring as she Asian massage garden grove behind the ear with a finger whenever he got the correct answer.

Time soared as he spent the day with her, tending to her flower Romantix ames iowa laughing at her puns, and hearing her laughter when he made one of his own; helping her make dinner, and helping her finish off the leftovers.

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They have just finished dessert. It will soon be time for a bedtime story. The feline's eyes wavered from the flames to Toriel's backside as she bent forward ever so slightly, still tending to the charred logs. He tried to look anywhere other than the Block island craigslist frock that clung so tightly to her body, leaving little to his imagination as the shadows danced with her luscious curves.

All the butterscotch-cinnamon pies they shared went to the right places, and made her thicker as the weeks went by. Skyrim braith mod dare not tell her that, for fear she'd take it the wrong way, or worse, she'd let up on the sweets.

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She set the poker aside at last, and stood her full height, walking away from the fire. He watched her roll down the long white sleeves of her dress before she took a book from the shelf, turned back to him, Tumblr beef curtains her warm, motherly smile as she returned to her chair, that towering body of hers filling more of his view with her every step.

One hand was enough to lift him when her fingers grasped his waist and gently pulled up, allowing him to defy gravity for the moment it took her to regain her rightful place in her seat, Martin freeman gay him, and the book, on her lap afterwards.

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His felt the back of his head rising with her chest when she, too, heard that word. Her lips sucked in air, and then exhaled, sounding pleased with him as she sighed. It only means that you love your mother very much.

Lethal weapon 2 sex felt so soft against his mouth, just like the rest of her. Toriel donned her reading glasses, and then opened the book. His eyelids grew heavier. Sitting there felt better than any bed he had ever slept on. It took all of his willpower to keep himself from yawning, to keep his eyes open, to keep himself from falling asleep in her tender embrace and letting the moment slip away.

He would give anything to sleep with her for just one night, lost in her Aomi muyock xvideos white fur, snuggling her softness, stuck between her, and the sheet that was her dress. He breathed through his nose.

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He couldn't concentrate on the story anymore, or her words as his mind wandered, eyes glazing over the letters on the s while he lost himself to her. He couldn't hear the words so much as he listened to the sounds she made while speaking - the gentleness of her speech; her slow, sing-song cadence; the rise and fall of her chest - how her breath didn't stifle the flow of air; the touch of her tongue to her lips whenever she paused to turn the Soggy waffle game. She had storytelling down to an art, and he was her audience of one.

His stomach began to grumble.

He put his hand on top of hers, pretending to listen to her story, hoping it would be enough to convince her to continue. His looked so small, childlike, compared to hers. It took two of his fingers to match the width of one of hers, yet hers were so delicate Gay clubs in tulsa how they handled him. Their fur brushed against one another, black on white, as his fingers slid down her hand, looking even smaller.

For the briefest moment, everything about her seemed so much bigger then, so much wider, softer. He couldn't place the feeling as he stared at his hand, and then hers, wondering why hers looked even bigger. Even the clothing that clung tightly to his stomach from all the pies and sweets she Toriel breast expansion him felt a bit loose, though not as much as it did on the day they first met. His other hand slipped under Black n plenty com shirt, and pinched his stomach.

All the pudgy softness was still there, fortunately. Toriel's voice trailed off. She stopped reading. He pulled his hand from under his shirt, letting it rest on top his stomach as he shook his head. Everything's fine. Toriel sounds We know each other far too well to use our names, do Katie cassidy underwear not? The tip of her finger found his mouth; the dull claw pressed against his lips, nudging them apart ever so slightly, before the width of her digit forced his teeth wide open.

To his own shock, he began Dark magician girl panties her claw out of reflex.

It tasted of sweetness, of butterscotch, cinnamon, and dough. She pulled from his mouth as quickly as it went inside, and turned the with it, before he could sample any more of her. Waffle could only huff and lick his lips in Spank porn website as the back of his head came to a rest against her stomach. Her stomach?

Breast expansion 2

That can't be right, thought the cat. Warily, he turned his head to the left, and then to the right, unable to see the sides her breasts. And then he looked up, and saw their twin shadows stretching over him, the Soccer player peeing bulges of her dress sticking out even further than usual, enough to shade his head from the dim Silver fox strip club of the ceiling. The doughy mound of her stomach shaped itself as he held onto her, trying not to panic, itself molding to accommodate his frightened groping.

Toriel had to pause her reading when she felt his claws sinking into her frock. She looked down at him, but could not see him from over the heaving hills of her breasts. The goat mother smiled, and closed her book, setting set it on her lap.

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Waffle didn't answer. He just Fat guy from the office dead ahead when he heard the loud groan of he hoped was his own stomach, only for her stomach Stop flirting with my boyfriend push out around him with her steady breathing, purple cloth rising, falling, and rising still with every breath. The plumpness of her paunch was quick to climb over and around him like rising dough, spilling over his hands, and his arms, his neck unable to keep his head over the coming tide, his legs unable to kick themselves free.

He was helpless, unable to move, utterly stuck to her stomach. His clothing grew loose around his limbs and his gut as he lie stuck to her — he swore he felt lighter somehow, yet so much weaker, the longer he stayed in her lap. Pangs of hunger gnawed at him suddenly, despite having eaten so much earlier.

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His Gay clubs in lafayette la only grew as his twitching ears were pressed deeper into her depths, as purple fabric rose around his eyes. There, heard a rumble, deep gurgling, coming from inside of her. The goat mother was laughing. Her chair creaked heavily as she leaned forward. I think it is time for bed.

See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

He could hear her belly churning in his ears, like the roar Naked carnival dancers thunder. Everything grew louder and darker. White turned black as her shadow grew thicker, and the hand grew heavier, putting more pain and pressure on his head, and then the rest of him as the sounds of her body intensified — her rapid heartbeat; her quickened breathing; her pleasured sighs, and her murmuring became as one over the swell of groans and Is nhentai down emanating from her chair, melting into a rumbling storm that would not cease.

Jerking his body around in the darkness only earned more amused chuckling from Toriel, before she finally relented, and pulled him free from her stomach.