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Humans are never going to stop touching Emma watson ass gif other naked, and we're almost certainly never going to stop touching our phones. If anything, the latter is eclipsing the former. But can you do both at once?

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Call it the ultimate case of coitus interruptus: 1 in 10 young people say they would not mind being "interrupted by an electronic message" during sex, a new survey of somethings reveals. And even larger s say they see nothing wrong with texting "on the John," or during other private moments.

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This obsession with staying in touch has become the new normal — but is it healthy? Watch a local report about teens texting during sex.

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How bad is our addiction to texting? It's pretty severe, judging by the Retrevo Gagetology Report a survey of 1, people in their 20s.

Texting during sex: the new text etiquette

Among those under 25, 22 percent say they would send a text message during a meeting, 49 percent during a Anunnaki movie trailer, 24 percent on the toilet, and 10 percent during sex. Young adults over 25 are more protective of their privacy, with 62 percent saying they "didn't like to be interrupted by digital communications in general.

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So is the bedroom sacred for overers? Half of Shane head rub over set say they update their status on Facebook or Twitter after tucking in for the night, or before their feet hit the ground in the morning.

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That skyrockets in the under set: 76 percent say they log in to social media in bed, and 19 percent admit to doing Swtor sex change when they wake up in the middle of the night.

What about that old-fashioned distraction — the phone call? It's a more frequent intruder than texting — 15 percent of American cellphone users have interrupted sex to answer the phone, according to a international survey from AdAge.

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The phenomenon is even more common in Spain, where 22 percent of people reported picking up the phone during sex; it happened least in Italy, where only 7 percent did it. How do these distractions affect us?

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They might contribute to insomnia, for one; several studies have shown Anna hawkins turner making the bed area a "no-technology zone" can improve sleep quality, and help romantic relationships. And some say keeping a cellphone close at night can be downright dangerous.

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Ina Malaysian man named Mohamed Rahzuan Yasin's charging cellphone exploded in the middle of the night"scalding" his buttocks and leaving burn marks on the mattress and wall. Watch a local report about teens texting during sex How bad is our addiction to texting? Facebook's amoral I ate my mom out.

Texting during sex!?

William Falk. Frances Haugen wasn't the only frustrated Facebook employee. Facebook fallout.

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Will Elon Musk turn Texas blue? Joel Mathis. Most Popular. Sinema responds to ASU bathroom confrontation.

Why your partner is checking their phone during sex, logically explained

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