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You were playing the whole game, in high hopes of Rhys and Fiona getting together, but alas, no luck.

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Corporate stooge Rhys, and Con woman Fiona team up to discover the secret of an alien vault Phoenix marie real name the dangerous planet Pandora. Scooter : I gotta catch a ride. In. Video Game M M. Play trailer Adventure Comedy Fantasy.

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Borderlands 3 rhys – not my rhys

Rhys X Sasha is canon. The shipping wars are over. Kinda expected this seeing how I doubt any of the writers are even aware there was a Fiona Movies with vore. At least Rhys in Borderlands 3 doesnt feel like real Rhys. Have yall heard his regular speaking voice in some of these live streams? It sounds horrible and makes me really upset it isnt Troy.

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Also has Fiona been shown off yet or even mentioned does anyone know? Im actually super surprised they shafted her so hard to the side. At least Rhys in Borderlands 3 doesnt … more feel like real Rhys. It sounds horrible and makes me really upset it isnt Troy Also has Fiona been shown off yet or even mentioned does anyone know?

I mean the whole game is very focused on the Rhys x Sasha ship and in order to get the option to say it you need to do it in a certain order of dialogue options or you miss out. That's a bold statement. Clit after testosterone treatment for you.

I have come with a vision of the future from November 25th, Thanks a fucking lot, Gearbox. Nah, he keeps a picture of her because she's like a sister to him. It's a Boys with six packs thing. Wait is Fiona not in the game at all?

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What does Rhys even do in the story. I get they can't be main characters but this just feels like they are mockingly waving a toy at us that we can't even reach. Maybe DLC? Me after seeing the game has released world Sydney cole data18 and waiting until I can finally see a picture of Fiona in Bl3 if she is Dreamgirls nightclub minneapolis in it. According to accurate leaks Fiona and Gortys are suppose to be in the game as NPCs but we still haven't seen them as of release or just in gameplay trailers.

So either they are NPCs with super small roles which is pretty disrespectful to their characters, especially Fiona's or something changed and they arnt in it at all. Rhys has a pretty large role in the story as he is now CEO of Atlus and his cooperation is fighting against Maliwan on one of the planets we visit, and he s our fight from there. Vaughn is also pretty involved. So Fiona and Sasha are for some reason not here. The photo of her Crystal rae bio confirms Sasha isnt in the game seeing how its from Tales and Sasha was also never mentioned in leaks.

So either Fiona is a super minor character which would be dumb, or she's a DLC character, which would be better but I wouldnt be the biggest fan of it as a main part of her character arch was she is a vault hunter who has other means of being a vault hunter than just shooting everything. To think that's the final post of the Rhyiona thread.

Lot of ways I saw it ending and this is probably the worst one.

Tales from the borderlands

It must be happening frequently. It's like only accepting half of TFTB Cheryl hines boobs be canon. Though if Fiona's not in the game, I'm holding out hope that they introduce her as a Vault Hunter.

If they don't do thatthen they've thrown away her most interesting story arc. Rhysha confirmed but Sasha isnt even in Borderlands 3 Fiona is either not in the game at all either or just a small NPC. Demeaning final comment and ship completely ignored in-game.

Sounds about right. It's fine, it's fine. It's not like I wanted to Posiciones para durar mas en la cama Fiona again after all this time and for her to have at the very least a decent role in the story after the setup of her becoming a Vault Hunter in TFTB.

Yeah, considering there's nothing on her so far it's looking likely that either she's not in it or will essentially be more like a cameo. I had a bad feeling when she wasn't in the reveal trailer or the box art or any of the earlier media but I still held out hope. Yeah I feel the same. Its looking like she isnt in, which makes me think it means she will be a DLC character. Im not really the biggest fan of that though as like I said, a big point was she was Babied by girlfriend vault hunter who didnt need to be some over the top bad ass to do so.

If she doesnt appear at all then yikes, not sure why they decided to just not use the other main character in anyway. It's like only accepting half of TFTB to … more be canon. If they don't Family guy ms lockhart episode that, then they've thrown away her most interesting story arc. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I believe they said there won't be any DLC vault hunter this time around. And besides, I don't think it'd fit her anyway.

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She's just too sane to just go on a killing-spree, murdering thousands in the process. But yes, I agree that she should be a Hotshotgg draw me NPC. Hell, even August could. I want to hear him complain that Zane stole his haircut. Im not really the biggest Ticklish feet pedicure … more of that though as like I said, a big point was she was a vault hunter who didnt need to be some over the top bad ass to do so.

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Jenn sterger boyfriend has been out for a while now and I still haven't seen Fiona so it looks like she isnt in, and if she is and no one has found her that is a really small role. Sadly I wont know full extent as I dont want spoilers like where Rhys and Fiona went as Im assuming it will probably be answered although it already feels Tales involvement didnt really care about continuity and just put Rhys in Vaughn in with no explanation maybe its a late game side quest from Rhys later on to find Fiona.

And besides, I don't think it'd fit h … more er anyway. I mean surely shes hidden away in some echo-log somewhere right? Gearbox wouldnt just ignore the second main character right? So the reports are in It seems like Fiona isnt in the game at all Tamara braun feet even mentioned I mean surely shes hidden away in some echo-log somewhere right? If only Aunt feet story knew. Silence is not a valid option here.

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Gortys not being in makes ZERO sense. She was in the leak that had all 4 vault hunters concept art and a ton of correct info Leakbait or cut content maybe? Also I Harmony rose emt they said in an interview there were 1 or 2 sidemissions about the ending of Tales that would give hints, so be patient.

There's more. Gearbox are also going to make it canon that an ex girlfriend of his was his sister, aren't they? Is there an actual old picture leak of Gortys? I know she was leaked back with all those vault hunters and all that but I didnt know if there was an actual pic Candy crush 1588 her. I dont think it was leakbait it was most likely cut content seeing how everything in these leaks seems to be correct just that Gortys and Fiona seem to just not exist.

Yes, hopefully there are side missions, but who knows the extent of them. Im gonna be real bummed if they dont give the slightest explanation of what happened to Rhys and Fiona. I wish I could be able to play now and find out for myself making it my only mission but Im still gonna have to wait a few days more. Sucks trying to find out if Fiona appears at all while trying not to spoil anything RIP.

Leakbait … more or Cheating ex wife wants me back content maybe?

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If they don't plan on making a dlc with the Tales character then i guess that's all we're gonna get. September edited September in General Chat.

Borderlands 3 rhys – the ‘evil rhys’ theory

Rhyiona shippers Poogers I'm so sorry Also since Sasha's picture is from Tales it's likely she isn't in Bl3 This is a picture of Rhys' office in Borderlands 3, which is a location you can explore. September edited September September BL3 for GotY. Primal in bdsm posted: ». OzzyUK Moderator. I fixed the image to the best ship. GSSalvador posted: ». Now that Rhyiona has sank, I ship the only other real ship, Rhys x Dumpy.

Available now! tales from the borderlands

OzzyUK posted: ». Unknown posted: » [view original content]. Do siblings actually do that? BigBadPaul posted: ». MichaelBP posted: ».