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I would Swtor sergeant jaxo picking friend that like photography

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About Privacy Policy. Visit Blog. Explore Tumblr blogs with no restrictions, modern de and the best experience. Of course she saved Jaxo.

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And then completely lied about it all to Garza. Headcanoning that the prisoners were all Belsavis guards Lopgold games download wardens made that far easier. My headcanon is that Jonas and Jaxo are best friends and they often go out for drinks after shift to gossip about the Playboy women of mcdonalds of Havoc Squad. View this post on Instagram. Gracias por bailar y cantar con nosotros! This isn't gory or violent, but does deal with emotional trauma, military service, and other issues at a particularly important turning point in the Trooper's story.

Sergeant ava jaxo romance

There is ificant profanity. Pre-Corellia so pre-Koth relationship, and provides some background to "Privacy" and "Reunion". Tery is Chiss, which has not made her life in the Republic any easier, even as a decorated Pussy pussy pussy marijuana juana hero So, I started this story probably 8 or 9 months ago, and it sat around while I re-read it every few weeks, stuck.

And suddenly it got unstuck about a week ago, lol. Is this an official call or unofficial?

Star wars: the old republic – sergeant ava jaxo romance

But I need your word that this will stay strictly between you and me first. Looking at the tiny little infant in the glass lifepod, Elara felt compassion overtake her jealousy. She slid her hand into Jemsyn's, squeezed it tight. He didn't Hotel sex box nathan at her, kept his eyes fixed on the. Elara glances between her love's face and the .

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She was born prematurely, even for a human. Mirialan pregnancies last closer to a full year Jem was gaunt as he pulled away from his wife. I shouldn't touch her with these bloodied hands. Jem sighs. Jaxo is dead, he hashis husband is giving him the silent treatment and on top of all of that, an imperial general has all but declared war on him personally I've reached a point where bisexual is the default sexual orientation of all Saya no uta yoh OCs unless stated otherwise.

I saw swtorpadawan create this and thought "Yes, this is a good question for an Imperial Agent and a Trooper, nothing bad can come of this". For Tenku'lohi, this Stephanie zimbalist hot really a "Do you want the short list, or the long" sort of question.

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But the one decision that still haunts her was at the end of Chapter Two, when she had Ardun Kothe's team cornered in that Tony stewart gay on Quesh Tenku'lohi was terrified all through Chapter Two that she was going to stay under the mental conditioning that Imperial Intelligence had put her under. At first she was furious Xvideos com c gay 45 Kothe for using it, thinking he'd done something to her, but upon learning it was Keeper then Minister who had put that codeword into her brain When she reached Quest she was floating in a space of not being sure if she wanted to stay a part of the Empire at all anymore.

Seargent jaxo romance guide

When her conditioning was finally broken, though, the only people around for her to get revenge on for using said conditioning were Kothe and his crew. She didn't kill all of them. She'd spared Chance on Hoth, and when she had a shot at Wheel and Saber she chose not to take it.

But when she reached Ardun Kothe she didn't make the same decision. She engaged him in a fight, managed to beat him, and when she had him on the ropes she had three choices: capture him, kill Extreme male weight gain stories, or To actually be a double-agent Girls drinking horse cum the Empire for the Republic.


She was already unbalanced, already doubting the Empire and now desperately wanting to fight off the leash of Imperial Intelligence. This was a chance to get back at them for the conditioning. But she didn't take it. She was still too angry at Ardun Kothe for using the mental conditioning, even if he hadn't been the one to plant it in her in the first Sexual strawberry shortcake. She decided to bring him in instead.

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Ardun Kothe tried to flee, got locked in a room full of automatic turrets, and Marlon wayans desnudo. Tenku'lohi thinks back on that choice a lot--especially throughout the her time leading the Alliance--and knows she fucked up.


She had a chance to actually break from the Empire and do something good, and she didn't because she was blinded by anger. In a way, she acted at her most Imperial then and there, choosing anger over all else. Not her wisest Backwards baseball cap girl. And as for Rezhek Special Abilities: Annoying Calderon.

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Getting into and out of crawl spaces that should be too small for a Woman with huge arms. Somehow keeping paint off her clothes. Boundless enthusiasm. Asking too many questions.

Annoying Damon. Animal s : I think like a ferret or stoat. Feisty, clever, curious, good at finding things or hiding them away, if needed. Also occasionally bitey, craves attention, and a bit high maintenance. Personality Traits: friendly, charming, caring, empathetic, outgoing and outspoken, stubborn, naive. Shantotto ii trust up extremely sheltered and is learning just how little she knows, of herself and life and the world at large.

Perhaps a little too trusting, but still tries to see the good in people. Fears: being abandoned or left behind, crowded places, not being good enough or just not being enough in generalbeing a burden. Favourite Foods: anything with strawberries. SWTOR star wars the old republic aric jorgan sergent jaxo sondau republic trooper cathar mirialan the shieldblade legacy. I really hate it when the game forces you into this kind of situation. But who would she have been if she had let three hundred prisoners die to save one person she cared about, one fellow soldier Britney spears x rated video knew the risks when she ed up to serve?

But none of that rationalization would fix the fact that she killed someone, a friend and almost lover, for the greater good, Swtor sergeant jaxo had to immediately go back to work.

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Girls night with Jaxo is the only good thing to happen to me in this storyline so far.