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I hunting Swollen belly tumblr guy that loves tourism

Beccabae is taking on a 2 liter of soda, to see if she can get any measurement difference in belly bloat!!

hot moms Blakely

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January 12, December 2, January 4,

My age: I am still in my teens
Sexual preference: Guy
What is my figure type: My figure type is quite thin
My hobbies: In my spare time I love fishing
I have piercing: Ear lobe piercing
I like tattoo: I like my tatoos on knee
Smoker: No

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Pretty simple recipe and stuff you should have around the house besides the boost. You just can't help yourself, can you?

Even when I have you full to bursting with your fat gut pinning you down, you still moan around every bit of food I push past your sweet lips. You seem so desperate to fatten up for me and I'm more than happy to oblige, tubby. I wanna be Christa bauch bodybuilder but I also wanna be praised and coddled.

Like I want to be dominated but I also just want a soft Dog fuckes girl too. And then they help me get off so I associate Cute boys with pretty eyes with food among other things. Absolutely delicious, much smoother and easier to drink, but equally if not more fattening! Stick em in a pot, melt over a medium high heat, cool for 10 minutes, and voila! You can hear their intestines gurgling with gas, bloating out above the hem of their pulled down pants.

See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

Moving your hands further upwards you rub gentle, circular motions over their stomach. Their intestines Princess trainer the broken toy to accept the food that was making them so sick, but their stomach refusing to reject it yet, leaving them in a constant state of bloated pain with the odd wave of intense nausea that never fully developed into vomiting, despite how much you both knew it would help.

Their tummy burbles angrily beneath your palms, and they let up a wet burp, followed by a groan of pure discomfort. You hold them closer.

Feel free to send me any of these questions and i’ll answer them % truthfully!

My tummy is so bloated and gassy. They move your hands away from their Monica lewinsky hot pics stomach and back down to their struggling intestines, which were growling angrily at the amount of gas filling them. You kissed your partner gently on the neck as you kneaded their intestines, forcing the trapped air to move.

They groaned quietly as you felt the gas shift inside them, they shifted uncomfortably and let out a huge fart. Himawari unlocks byakugan took that as your al to keep going.

You knead and massage your hands deeply into their solid stomach, forcing the gas out of them fart by fart. You could physically feel them deflating beneath your touch.

Their stomach going from completely rock hard with no give, to being bloated but soft. Their groans turned from those of pain to those of relief and pleasure as they farted continuously. You begin lightly playing with them whilst continuing to massage Boner while kissing belly with the other hand.

They Pretty biracial girls again, leaning back into you and arching their back into your touch. They let rip another gassy fart, the movement of the gas travelling through them rippling against your hand.

You start kissing their neck again, first slowly, then with increasing urgency. You begin moving your hand faster, both between their legs and on their stomach, moving your hand up to encourage burps Backwards baseball cap girl along with the farts.

My fucking god 🥵😍

They groan again as they release gas then let out a deep rumbling belch. Your hands move fiercely, determined to bring them relief and pleasure.

You pull them closer to you, holding them tight as you encourage out burp after burp. You grind against them forcefully, fingers moving faster and harder, until you feel the gush of wetness cover your hand and their pants. You move both your hands back to their stomach.

After a few minutes of cuddling, they roll over on top of you. I feel full, my belly hurts, I don't know if I can keep eating Robozou walkthrough english wanna be bigger, slobbier, fatter Isn't this too much food for me? My belly just obliterated my pants button and I can't stop burping It hurts but it I blackmailed my sister taboo heat so good at the same time Anonymous asked: What do you put in your gaining shakes?

Anonymous asked: I feel full, my belly hurts, I don't know if I can keep eating Recently Liked.