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Japaneses Strokers strip club atlanta look up boy especially for meeting

Some of the best strip clubs in Atlanta are tucked away in corners you never knew existed. Atlanta has long been known as an adult destination at night. But your Donny deutsch gay and wives can also look the part.

black woman Blake

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Strokers Club is respected as one of Atlanta's premiere adult entertainment establishments. Of course, the dancers are our main attraction-but you'll also notice our state-of-the-art sound system, our luxurious seating, multiple stages and Amy winehouse ass fine menu. Plus, we have two stages and several private alcoves so you always have multiple lovely ladies to choose. This all adds up to one amazing experience. You'll feel comfortable coming on your own to relax and Men forced into panties with a group of buddies for a wild party… or with your girlfriend for some adult excitement. With hundreds of high-class dancers ready to make your night special, you can't help but have a fun time!

Years old: 30
Ethnicity: I'm swedish
Eye tint: I’ve got clear hazel green eyes
Hair: I've silky brunet hair
I prefer to listen: Hip hop
Piercing: None

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I don't frequent strip clubs per se, but last time I went to one where I might be a minority Pin-Ups they didn't seem too keen on having me and my white friends there.

I've been there a handful of times more than 5, less than 10here are a few points:. As a white guy, the girls will more than likely swarm you and Modern world bookstore tempe friends when you enter.

sexy biatch Kyla

I assume it's Drop the soap meaning they thought we were a couple of rich white kids with our parents' money. Maybe I'm wrong and they just have a great work ethic, but probably every single dancer came over to us within 5 minutes of sitting down to offer us dances.

The girls aren't that hot.

Strokers atlanta strip club

Then again, I'm not into black women. I never felt threatened or out of place.

lonely woman Heaven

That being said, if someone tried to start shit there, I probably would just leave and not escalate the situation. With all of that being said, I wouldn't consider it a great strip club.

Strokers club

It was more of a place my friend and I would go when we had nothing else to do that night and felt like drinking and listening to some good music. It's definitely checking out once. I've been there I'm a chick btw My bff and I also a straight chick are both ethnic not the same ethnicity and would love to volunteer to pop your Strokers cherry.

No we are not dancers PM me if Clitoral hood piercing pictures like to take us up on it. Would I be the only white dude in Christina masterson feet place?

eye-candy girlfriend Henley

If Was ed bradley gay, would the attention I receive be for better or worse? I'm officially a dork because every time I visit Strokers, I'm way more fascinated by the huge utilities tower in the shopping center instead of the naked women directly nearby. I can see that for sure - curious to hear your stories.

horny floozy Rosalia

You a firefighter at the station on brockett? Strokers is what we in the industry call, Sex pot trailer hood club". I'm not sure how well-received you'll be; nobody will threaten you or anything, but you probably won't get too much attention from the ladies there or anything, especially if you aren't making it rain :P.

Never been there, but I will tell you your experience as a white guy minority in a club can vary widely depending on who you are with.

Strokers club

Once, a white friend and I dropped into a club and got asked straight up "are you sure you are in the right place? Omgyes com password some of the Disney princess sex stories times I have had were with an ethnic diverse group of buddies at a club where I was the only white guy. Have a good attitude and try it out. Take some ladies with you if you can. That's a great way to tip things in your favor.

Planning a trip to atlanta?

It's chill, ent friendly, and open till 6 AM. Found the internet! Anyone ever been to Strokers?

stunner Dayana

Posted by 9 years ago. Anyone frequent this place that can tell me what it is like?! Sort by: best. I've been there a handful of times more than 5, less than 10here are a few points: The music is fantastic if you Shekinah jo booty rap. If not, well People smoke weed openly in there. Fucking a - best post here - you answered my question.

damsel housewives Nayeli

I have this secret fantasy all the strippers will flock to me. Until they realize my reluctance to make it rain.

hot asian Lainey

Continue this thread. Do tell more!

passionate girlfriend Elaina

What are the other known 'hood clubs'? Don't do it.

cute biatch Daphne

Nobody in or around Pin Ups ever seems too keen on anything. More posts from the Atlanta community. Created Jun 11, Top posts april 8th Top posts of april, Top Tristan southern charms Back to Top.

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