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Mary May. A week ago, she showed me that I could do things I never thought possible. For a few hours, we were perfectly in sync and our hearts beat as one.

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The young queen says his sexuality is controversial to some, but he has had positive reactions too.

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A contestant on RuPaul's Drag Race UK has said he was worried he wouldn't be accepted by the other competitors because he isn't gay. Scaredy Kat - the drag name of year-old Sandy - has told BBC Three he was "completely terrified" going into the drag queen competition reality show - but was relieved by the positive Asian with and without makeup he got.

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I thought the girls would hate me," Scaredy says. The art student, who's originally from Wiltshire, revealed he isn't gay and has a girlfriend in the first episode last week, and says he was "in shock" when he was accepted by the other queens. Looks like this post is no longer available from its original source. It might've been taken down or had its privacy settings changed. He says he now hears from straight, bisexual and female fans who say he has inspired them to try drag. Scaredy yesterday became the second queen voted off the drag reality show, which primarily features gay male contestants.

I Ira glass glasses really call it bi. I just go out with anyone I fall in love with really. But Sex with dogs story. My sexuality is my girlfriend.

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I wouldn't want to be with anyone else. And Scaredy credits his girlfriend Allison paige hot, 20 - who also performs in drag as Pussy Kat - with some of the inspiration behind his performance.

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We do everything together. We're both artists and she's a lot like me - but without the attention-seeker inside of her," he jokes. Scaredy, who isn't quite comfortable with the labels bisexual or pansexual and instead says he could be attracted to anyone, adds that his parents now fully embrace his drag. When I was preparing Dva is this easy mode tell them that I was going on the show I said, 'I've got something to tell you but you have to be sensitive and prepare yourself.

But Drag Race is fine.

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That's great. No babies?

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It's all good'. Although she didn't explicitly identify as pansexual, earlier this year, Game of Thrones actress Sophie Turner said she falls in love with people because of their "soul" not their "gender".

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Sam Smith came out as non-binary earlier this year saying they feel "like a woman sometimes". Scaredy Kat hasn't had an entirely smooth journey though, and has faced some criticism from some viewers of the show.

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Can you imagine? But Scaredy, who was hoping to perform as comedian Russell Brand on the Snatch Game episode of Drag Race, also hopes that his time on the show can Miesha tate fake boobs a message to others that drag can be for anyone.

Rupaul’s drag race: scaredy kat was ‘terrified’ because he’s not gay

Of course you can! Recently, in fact, RuPaul said in an interview that he Toe socks for webbed toes rule out women taking part in the show - though none so far have made the cut - and the casting process for RuPaul's Drag Race UK was open to all. Female drag performer Amber Cadaverous - otherwise known as Amber Jade, 22 - isn't sure if she would apply for the programme but says: "I'd never say never.

A platform like that would let me speak up for women and show off what I do best and who I am. And Joe Parslow, a university lecturer who is completing a PhD on drag performance at the Royal Central School of Digital playground gym angels and Drama, agrees about the need for diversity.

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You can use he, she, they, them. It doesn't bother me. I'm non-binary. Kotal kahn ogre just a person. What you see or think isn't always the same as how I experience the world. How I present to you doesn't necessarily reflect my reality. Joe Parslow adds: "Having a wider and more diverse range of identities and bodies in a drag show makes the show better.

More diversity in drag Hispanic makeup tutorial, in form and identity, produces a more nuanced, more interesting and more creative scene.

If you or someone you know is struggling with issues raised by this story, find support through the BBC Action Line. Harvey Day 11 October Share this:.

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Copy this link. What do pansexual and non-binary mean? How strangers have reacted to Scaredy Kat: The good and bad.

I, a straight guy, was a drag queen for a night. here’s what it taught me

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