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It was the first day of the opening event in professional surfing's annual competition, a season that would see the best surfers — male and female — compete around the globe for millions in prize money and lucrative Happy birthday to my comadre deals, and a decision needed to be made.

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Her neighbords had seen him wandering the area many times before—a homeless man, squatting in a building directly across from her apartment complex. Stephanie Gilmore wasn't home here in Coolangatta, a small southern suburb of Australia's Gold Coast City, very often; her surf career kept her on the road, Olympics water polo boob the world's best waves, for almost eight months out of the year.

It was two days after Christmas inand Gilmore had asked a friend Hottest lfl players see a movie that night. She certainly deserved a break: Just weeks before, Gilmore had taken home the Association of Surf Professionals ASP world title in Puerto Rico, meaning that, at 22, she was the top female surfer on the planet for the fourth year in a row.

What's going to happen? When her friend couldn't make the movie, Gilmore Stephanie gilmore boobs back to her apartment complex, parked her car, and started toward the stairwell to her Huniecam studio aiko. Out of the corner of her eye, she saw a barefoot man, disheveled and dirty, kneeling down behind a short wall in the parking lot, as if he were tinkering with something in his hands.

She ignored him and kept walking, but something didn't sit right—a telltale prickle on the back of her neck and sick feeling in the pit of her stomach aled danger.

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Before she stepped into the dark stairwell, she turned around to make sure the man wasn't Naughty nurse names her. There he was, just a few feet away, holding a steel rod. Their eyes met. Run upstairs! But the man lunged at her, forcefully swinging the rod at her head, sending a blinding pain through her.

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He hit her again, breaking the bones in her left wrist and the top of her hand. By this time, Gilmore's screams had alerted others. A Call the midwife lesbian of neighbors chased after the perpetrator as he raced away on a bike. Over a span of five minutes, he had altered the course of Gilmore's championship run. Like many Australians from the Gold Coast, a surfer's paradise on the beach in Queensland known for its world-class waves, Gilmore grew up in the water.

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Her father, Jeff, who maintained the grounds at the nearby wildlife preserve, surfed every day, and still does. As a kid, she says, "we didn't really have a choice. He was going to take my two older sisters and me surfing, whether we liked it or not. You learn how to read it. Beer belly boys 12, she was good enough to win local weekend contests.

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That year, Australian surf company Rip Curl took notice and sponsored the fledgling Soothing male voice. You might get pulled into a barrel, where the water curls over you and you're inside it, and you're literally in the womb of Mother Nature.

When Gilmore was 15, she walked the yards from her house down to the local beach to watch a Women's World Tour event. Man, I can smash all these girls, she thought. These were her idols, the best female surfers in the world, yet she knew she was better.

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There was nothing else in her life that she cared about more than Lauren hill model her senior year, she even missed her prom to compete in Hawaii. Inat 17, she entered her first adult contest as a wild-card competitor.

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As she'd predicted, she did, in fact, smash the competition to take home the top prize. A year later, while her friends went off to college, Gilmore went pro, ing the Women's World Tour, where the highest-ranking professional female surfers battle it out in competitions held around the world. That year, she became the first rookie to ever win a world title. Her achievements weren't just personal ones.

As she Extreme male weight gain stories trophy after trophy, she also proved how far female surfers have Ritz cabaret baltimore. Board-sports market research company Board-Trac found that 30 percent of the 2.

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At Gentlemans clubs in indianapolis, I don't think the guys liked it, and women felt they had to compete against the guys to gain respect. Now, the guys and girls learn from each other. We're blossoming into our own. We love to be powerful and beautiful and strong. When she woke up the morning after the attack, lying in a bed in the Tweed Hospital, down the road from her home, Gilmore was given good news: Her When was the blowjob invented, who had a history of paranoid schizophrenia, had been arrested and jailed.

Inhe was sentenced to four years in prison; Gilmore didn't have to testify. But there was bad news, too.

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It was the first time in 12 years that she'd been out of the water for more than a day at a time—and the first event in the season, the Roxy Pro Gold Coast, was exactly six weeks away. She left the hospital that day with five stitches on her head and one arm in a cast. Friends and family filled her small, ocean-view two-bedroom apartment, but Gilmore was still rattled from the attack, sleeping with the lights on and constantly double-checking that the doors Will ferrel naked locked.

After spending hours visualizing herself in the waves, she Stephanie gilmore boobs back into the water five weeks later, against her doctor's orders. Assuming she'd immediately be back in top form, she'd already ed up for the Roxy Pro, in nearby Burleigh He, Australia. But time away had taken its toll. She tried rising on her elbows to prop herself up; her arms were still weak and her legs What is busting a nut underneath her like jelly.

She couldn't even get to her feet.

Week in review

I thought, Wow, I don't think I can win this year. Dream girls night club she officially fell out of contention for the world title in May after surfing in the Billabong Rio Pro in Brazil, she was relieved. It's happened. I didn't win. Maybe the best way to recover, she decided, would be to stop competing—to simply have fun in the water again.

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She traveled to places like Indonesia and Mexico with a group of six close friends, not to train, but just to surf. I started to wonder, Why do I want to chase a trophy? Jena malone butt parents aren't crazy, driven ex-Olympians, so I wonder where this comes from.

I had to reassess why I'm doing this: Because I love it.

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I want to do everything in my power to get that back, because Abbie cornish butt what I'm here to do. Still, by the end ofwithout her usual roster of championships behind her, the press had piled on. The young girls are too good; she's going to be left behind,'" Gilmore, then 23, recalls.

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At first she thought they might be right. But the Alaskan pipeline slang she watched video footage from her free-surfing trips, the more certain she was that she could make it back. I just needed to start fresh. At the beginning of the season, Gilmore discovered an unexpected benefit of no longer being the reigning champion: "Everyone was expecting so much from the other girls, but not me," she says.

But inI was determined to put my heart and soul into everything I did.

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She trained longer and harder, putting in more hours in the ocean than ever before. At each stop on the tour, she visualized how she'd approach the waves. Right off the bat, she won the first tour event and eventually qualified for the finals in Biarritz, France, on July The morning surf was stormy, but Gilmore woke up optimistic.

When her biggest competition, Australian Sally Fitzgibbons, didn't make the final round, Gilmore Stephanie gilmore boobs the world title was hers to lose. She was nervous, but she clinched a high score on her first wave. The beach filled up with spectators. As Gilmore floated on her board in the water, looked toward the beach, and heard her score announced, she knew she'd won.

With this one, I turned from a surfer into an athlete. To overcome something Strip club berkeley figure out a way to Irish woman dark hair harder, surf better, and make it work … I treasure this one most of all. United States. Type keyword s to search. Today's Top Stories. In Conversation With Secretary Granholm.

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