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Marvel has seemingly confirmed that Black Cat — Spider-Man's sometimes lover Cassie de pavia ally — is queer after she shares a kiss with another woman in Black Cat 7. The comic focuses on Hardy dealing with the New York City branch of the Thieves Guild — a global secret society of criminals.

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Spider-Man's relationship with the Black Cat has long been tricky.

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Felicia Hardy fell for Spider-Man before realizing he was Peter Parker and over time, the two both learned each other's secret Brandon ingram gay. They've been romantic partners, teammates, and enemies. So, when Peter saw Black Cat making out with Daredevilit wasn't a good time for him.

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The early s were a weird time for Spider-Man. The character was still reeling from the effects of the ' One More Day ' storyline, which split up Peter and Mary Jane Watson in one of the more convoluted stories ever written.

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While the two would eventually get back together, Peter was a free agent on the dating scene for a little while. The trio experience some hijinks, as the three search for clues to clear Felicia's name.

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As Daredevil holds Black Cat on the ground, she tells Spider-Man he deserved to get electrocuted by Felica, of course and that she won't Boy meets world veronica with him.

Sadly, Spider-Man was there to see it all.

Spider-man black cat stakeout locations and solutions - how and where to find all black cat dolls

Spider-Man laments "I think this my super villain origin," as he departs. It's hard to feel bad for Peter as he's had many chances to win the heart of Felicia.

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Sure, he was single at the time, but Black Cat clearly moved on at least in the moment. She can do whatever she likes, and in this case, she was digging Matt.

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Funny enough, Black Cat helped orchestrate the crime anyways - so per usual, Daredevil romanced a woman who plays loose with the law. The romance gets much steamier, as Felicia goes back to Matt's apartment and the Anime boy with tattoo engage in adult activities.

Black cat (marvel comics)

Unfortunately, Matt receives a phone call during the escapade and is called into action after his father's tombstone goes missing. The romance between Daredevil and Black Cat was short but sweet.

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The two's polar opposite personalities meshed together extremely well - even Mark mcgrath gay it almost turned Spider-Man into a jealous supervillain. Lead writer for Screen Rant's comic team.

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