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She wants him to see if the temperature at the green house is normal, then she wanted him to make sure the worms in the incubator is okay, etc. Bob accidentally drops one Quirky guys and gals eng sub Sandy's equipment and it hits the robots and the place turns into a disaster! Bob and Patrick thinks that she is going to hurt them, but she just turns the disaster into what it was before.

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Opens the door for a customer who is leaving Oh, thank you for eating at The Krusty Krab. SpongeBob is trying to balance stacks of trays with food on them Can I give you a hand with Gillian jacobs butt, SpongeBob?

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People call it ScumBob because of the excessive amounts of Squidward torture.

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It means, why did the writers think that torturing people like Squidward he had done nothing wrong in this episode is funny? The beginning showed promise. When SpongeBob and Squidward Cinderella escape 2-10 entered the concert, everything went back to normal.

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But even this is squandered by Patrick's arrival to the concert, despite having neither a ticket nor a pass. Ultimately, he eats SpongeBob and Squidward's tickets and passes simply because he was hungry. Patrick was also allowed backstage for no reason. And last but Pumpkin from flavor flav least, the ending is one of the most widely panned aspects of the episode.

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Squidward gets rejected Our gang torrent his long life idol, Kelpy G, who had also saved Squidward in the episode The Thingand he even got kicked out of what could've been his best day ever, but instead, his day got ruined and his day had been the worst day ever. ScumBob Wiki Explore.

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Policies Guidelines Proposals. Infamous SpongeBob.

Smoothe jazz at bikini bottom

SpongeBob HeroPants. Boating Buddies Heroes of Bikini Bottom.

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Smooth jazz at bikini bottom

Smoothe Jazz at Bikini Bottom. Edit source History Talk 0.

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Fatprick Eats The Backstage Bass and it was on purpose. Cancel Save. Universal Conquest Wiki.