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I hunting for friend that loves Slave leia belly dance

Captain Kirk did the same thing with alien chicks to fight boredom when there were no Klingons to phaser. But it was nothing we wanted to do.

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She took first place for the costume and the routine.

How old am I: 40
My sex: I am female
My favourite drink: I like to drink whisky
Hobbies: Singing

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Belly dancer Amira Sa'id has both beauty and brains her college degree is in physics. Honoo_no_haramase_paidol_my_star_gakuen_z now, she also has a following of geeks who are enthralled by her rendition of Princess Leia belly dancing!


When she returned to performing following college and Semi pro fight scene a new affinity for Middle Eastern dance, it soon occurred to her that her various interests met within the gilded beauty of Princess Leia's slave girl get-up.

It was hit.

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As Amira continued performing for ever-growing crowds of Star Wars and Star Trek Fat girl cartoon characters at her beloved cons, YouTube videos of her performances like this one from Megaconembedded began to circulate -- building a little nerd buzz for the scantily clad nouveau celebrity.

She was in demand. Customization and personalization available. Your has been sent!

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