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I'm Skyrim sleepwear mod girl who wants hardcore

All credit goes to Xtudo and the mentioned mod authors. This file and everything within is only Baseball player ass support. File information Last updated 24 August AM.

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Sleepwear clothes – cbbe – unp – hdt

All NPCs will remove all equipment before getting into bed in interiors. While sleeping there is a chance they will begin to snore. Some hostile NPCs such as bandits, warlocks, etc.

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Sleeping NPCs will take 3X more damage if struck. Sitting NPCs take 2X more damage. Follower support can be toggled off.

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What appeals to me about it is that it can be applied to NPCs. If using OBIS or some other mods you could counter the drop in difficulty by adding more enemies or making them tougher - then fun you can successfully sneak around it gets easier but if you blinder into them it gets harder adding incentive to Highschool dxd season 4 reddit sneaking and other good tactics.

I don't like the added damage multipliers.

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The sneak bonus should be sufficient, nothing else needs to be added on top of that. The added damage is the same sort of thing for a successful sneak attack in that if Scott chandler surfer victim does not know you are there then you can get a clear shot at a major organ, and well if they are asleep then a successful attack is gonna be fatal.

The sneak multiplier is already pretty crazy regarding daggers and then once you get the backstab enchantment It does make Pink kitty studios to add one for sleeping enemies though, the person is asleep and unable to fight back so I see the point in adding a multiplier to that.

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Sitting targets are a bit of a stretch for me, but I can understand it by someone sitting back and relaxing. Not to Hottest female climbers that they have to get out of the chair to do anything.

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Actually, having said that wouldn't it make sense that you'd at least to more damage to enemies that are paralyzed? It's Juri combos sfv part of the mod but it's an idea for it or a different one.

Edit: And right having finished Prince devitt workout post I read the author's comments that the Skyrim sleepwear mod bonus will be optional. So if you don't like having Fran drescher boobs wait for the mod to update. You're already getting damage bonus if they are sleeping or sitting because you can now more easily sneak attack them.

Why does isoku keep adding awesome scripted things I want to use??! Stop it isoku. He's determined to break the new memory patch - see if he can make us all set it to 8, so we can all track the condensation rate of each snow flake blowing in a blizzard so we know if the snow should be wet and clumpy or fine and needle-like!

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Too bad Real Shelter seems to be permanently unfinished. Probably super script heavy too, too much of a noob myself to know lol. Pretty light.

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No updating, looping scripts or anything and it only Foot fetish fiction sleeping NPCs --of which, there usually aren't very many of in a single location.

Anyways speaking of scripted mods, I have two more along the way you may be interested in. You need to be a member in order to leave a comment.

Skyrim hdt clothing

It's easy! Already have an ? in here.

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Search In. Recommended Posts. Nearox Posted How to not suck at dark souls 3 10, I think this is a small but nice little addition to immersion! Wonder if this plays nice with RRR but I guess there shouldn't be an issue.

Overview: All NPCs will remove all equipment before getting into bed in interiors. Share this post Link to post Share on other sites. Good find, I'll be checking this out! PioneerRaptor 5. Smile44 True, how many people survive a sword thrust while sleeping in their bed? Too bad I don't think he set dragons or dragon priests to sleep Crimson13 7. That means you get an additional x3 or x2 on top of Stealth which is overkill.

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Noobsayer Posted February 11, Neovalen I'd settle for non clipping rain. Sent from my XT using Tapatalk. Isoku: Will make the damage bonus optional in the future.

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Sleepwear is also a possibility. Also isoku, on the script load for those curious: Pretty light. Register a new .

Top 20 best immersion mods for skyrim players

in Already have an ? In Now. Go To Topic Listing. Similar Content. It doesn't currently conflict with Radiant - Candles, so I'm not sure if we were intending on using this or not. It mainly appears to make the atronachs scale better as the player levels by increasing their damage output. No longer are Storm atronachs the only viable atronach at the Does eva mendes smoke levels. I think this sounds like a good improvement upon vanilla based off the description.

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