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Content note: This piece discusses eating disorders and contains images which sufferers may find distressing.

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Screw recovery.

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It is every bit as serious as anorexia or bulimia.

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It is also the most commonly diagnosed eating disorder, meaning more people have this than anorexia or bulimia. Even people with eating disorders eat.

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This is a really, really, really, really common feeling. You are not a fake or a fraud.

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They are individualised. All of the experiences described here are those of a person with an eating disorder. Eating disorders affect different bodies in different Anna faris hot scene. All of these things- weight, bp, pulse etc- are just symptoms of the sickness.

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The sickness is in your head. It is a lie.

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It was viewed as a flawed measure of illness, and so it has been removed. Whether or not Club wax dancers get your period is not an indication of how ill you are. It is very much a real eating disorder. Daydreaming or fantasizing about food does not mean you are not sick; quite the opposite, in fact.

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Eating is enjoyable. Even in the depths of my restriction, the food I ate brought me great pleasure.

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Chronic eating disorders can be harder to beat, but they can be beaten. NHS- overcoming eating disorders. Your disorder is valid, you deserve to be supported.

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