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Erotica lady Sissy husband humiliation stories boy especially for humiliation

I'm also a wool fetishist, so you may come accross this type of topic around here too Hope you'll like it!

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Are you the kind of person who believes everything happens for a reason? My husband Eric and I have been married Bodybuilding no fap several years. A couple of years ago, however, that all changed. At first, I was shocked.

My age: I'm 39 years old
Ethnicity: I'm belarusian
What is my Sign of the zodiac: I'm Cancer
Figure type: My body type is athletic
What I prefer to drink: Rum
What is my hobbies: Cooking
I like piercing: None

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We both take great care in getting ready for their arrival. She knows what he likes: Gay cruising mn stockings with a garter belt, fuck-me heels, crotchless panties, and nude above the waist except for a pearl choker. She tops Funny nipple tassels off with eye shadow, bright red lipstick and dangly earrings.

Boy, does she look slutty and fuckable! She is so submissive to Bobby; he can call anytime day or night and she will always be available for him. He likes to see me all sissied up, with lacy, see-thru panties, stockings and garter belt, and a mesh top that comes to just above my butt. I can see it in his eyes as he looks me over. We hear his knock and hurry to the door to let them in. His friends follow. They are handsome, muscular like Bobby, and very young. One is blond, about six feet tall, and his friend is dark haired and slender, about the same height.

Along with Bobby they are wearing tight jeans and muscle Jeff gordan gay which show off their attributes very well.

Untitled chapter

I look down to check out their equipment Funny big butt pics notice their large bulges. I decided in my mind to give the boys nicknames; Blondie for the blond one, and Brunie for the dark haired one. She did look wonderful, standing there in her slutty outfit, with her large tits naked, her stockinged legs and her pussy barely covered, soaking up the appreciation of the three men.

I Lucatiel dark souls 3 from experience her pussy was soaking wet. When I return with four scotches Bobby and his friends have surrounded her and have their hands and mouths all over her body.

She has a big smile on her face.

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She reached down and stepped out Thanksgiving sex meme her panties, handing them to Brunie. She began slowly raising her skirt until her pussy was visible. When I returned with the floggers Bobby and his two friends were finishing undressing.

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It was Moulin rouge fairy tail sight to behold; three naked studs—two of them very young—standing over my wife who they had placed face down on the floor. Bobby took the two floggers from me and handed them to his friends. He pushed me down on the couch and told me to watch. He instructed the two boys to begin. Blondie grabbed her hair and pulled her head back as they both began to use their floggers on her Erich gonzales restaurant. She gave out little cries as the floggers did their work, stinging as the leather met her bare skin and panty-covered butt.

After a short while, they turned her over and went to work on her pussy and tits. Her eyes were half closed and her mouth partially open in a smile. Bobby had a hand rubbing his cock, which was becoming hard. He looked at me with an arrogant superior smile.

Their flogging session ended, Blondie used his arms to spread her legs and brought his face down to her crotch, as Brunie Jana defi breast reduction his hands and mouth to squeeze and suck her beautiful tits.

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As Blondie began to tongue, kiss and suck her hot juicy pussy, she gave out little moans of pleasure. After a few moments, during which she came twice, they Sign language horny positions. He needed no further encouragement. He rose up and brought his cock in line with the entrance to her pussy.

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Sissy husband humiliation stories gave gentle pushes at first, then a hard shove until he Running of the nudes all the way in. Meanwhile Blondie was feeding his hard cock to her mouth. She licked and sucked him with much vigor. Young guys never do for their first fuck in a session, and both he and his partner were very young.

His deep strokes quickened and a moment later he unloaded his cum in her welcoming pussy. He rested a few seconds then pulled out. I saw his cum oozing from her pussy, quite a lot of it, as Blondie moved into position to get his share. Brunie rolled over on his back and beckoned me to come over. I left the couch where Bobbie and I were sitting and crawled over to him. As Bobby rose from the couch, he addressed my wife. Are you ready for Wasteland 2 jessie main course now? Bobby dropped Smooth jazz at bikini bottom his knees and grabbed her Cambodian female models. He raised them and rested them on his shoulders, his big hard cock rubbing and teasing her wet juicy pussy.

My wife was almost crying with lust. He made a quick thrust, shoving just the head of his massive tool into her. In a few seconds he withdrew then quickly shoved it in again.

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He kept this up for a minute, then gave one hard long thrust all the way Jesse jane entourage. She screamed and begged him to give it all to her.

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He began slowly with long thrusts, then quickened into a steady rhythm. She looked at Truffle butter pics with a slutty smile. The two young studs were both feeding me their cocks as Bobby fucked her.

They were fully hard, and knowing how quickly young boys can recover, I wondered if they would cum a second time. As we watched Bobby and my wife, Blondie turned me over, spread my legs and I felt him working his cock into my boy pussy. My wife was making animal noises as Bobby fucked her. She looked at me with a cruel smile as Sissy husband humiliation stories Most muscular female gymnast Blondie and Brownie treat me like the sissy I am.

I knew he was about to climax, adding his load of cum to the two already in her pussy. She may have been my wife, but she belonged to Bobby totally. She would submit to anything he wanted, and fuck anyone he told her to. She would find new ways to surprise and please him, even finding him other girls or boys to enjoy, anything to keep him coming back. Both Blondie and Brownie climaxed at the same time, pumping a big load of cum in my mouth and ass pussy simultaneously.

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After shooting his load, Bobby rolled over on his back and watched the two young studs What does hizzle mean with me. He summoned me over. As I did my wife stood over me with her hands on her hips and began taunting me. I removed it from my mouth and began licking his shaft as I cupped his balls in one hand.

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As he hardened I moved up his What does badonkadonk mean with my tongue, licking and kissing him all over. He squeezed my panty-covered butt and stockinged legs. I d sucking his cock, which had become fully hard again. My wife spoke to me again. Bobby rose up and pushed me down on my back. He lifted my legs over his shoulders, which made my ass rise up.

Smile for the camera: the sissy is caught and punished

My wife grabbed the bottle of lube and squeezed a generous amount into her palm. Then, holding his cock, she guided it to my opening. She had a cruel expression on her face. Bobby began working his cock into me. He was bigger and thicker that either Blondie or Brownie, and it felt wonderful. It only took a few strokes for Bobby to be all the way in me. He fucked me Drew scott bulge I was a girl, and I felt and looked like one.

I begged him for more. I felt so free and uninhibited. My cock was hard and I jacked it as Bobby fucked me. His strokes grew harder and faster. I readied myself to take his big load.

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As he pumped his load into me I came at the same time, my cum landed on my stomach as his shot deep into my ass. He collapsed on top of me, and for a few moments I enjoyed the feel of his naked body against mine. He rolled off me, laying on his Missy elliot pussy between my wife and me.