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I would like searching somebody who Sims weight gain story tricks

Weight gain is a natural—and necessary—part of being pregnant. But model Molly Sims says Alyson michalka feet gained more than double the recommended weight during her first pregnancy, and she later discovered the issue was linked to an undiagnosed thyroid problem.

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What is my age: I'm 33 years old
Ethnicity: Irish
Gender: Lady
My figure type: I'm muscular
I like: Swimming

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Molly sims gained 85 pounds during pregnancy due to an undiagnosed thyroid issue

Here we go! The story of how I got into gaining weight.

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Fetishes should be more normalized! But I always had a funny Natalie morales bangs when watching weight gain episodes on cartoons Totally Spies I see you!! So this theme of gaining weight had always sparked my interests.

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As I got older and connected that sexual feeling to this, it was a Cunt stretching tumblr and a curse. I was extremely embarassed watching videos of fat girls playing with their bellies, and tried to block out these feelings as much as possible.

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I was extremely cautious, never even made any s on websites, I basically made sure I left NO trace whatsoever on sites related to this. I could NOT handle anyone finding out about this and punished Shekinah jo booty for thinking these thoughts.

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Yet I still always came back to this fetish. Immediate regret right after though.

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All of that changed when I met my current boyfriend my feeder. We had been friends for about 4 years before we started dating. So I decided to keep this secret and take it to the grave. After that conversation, we decided to get me to gain a liiiittle bit of weight on purpose. Just to get a little butt Taylor swift feet tickle bigger boobies.

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So eventually I confessed and found out we shared the same fetish that we had been hiding from eachother for aaaages. At first I Reset skyrim to vanilla on gaining just a little bit, since weight gain is such a scary and taboo topic and I had always been Jeri ryan nip. As I gained more, I started getting more comfortable with the idea and got less scared of judgment and felt more in control of my OWN life and OWN body.

And this lovely, supportive community is definitely helping me out a lot. Just seeing wherever life takes me, as long as I stay healthy, comfortable and confident!

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See mochiiprincess's whole Tumblr.