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The Aridian Desert is accessed through the southeast exit of Al Maajikand first becomes accessible during t he questline that takes place there.

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As an Adept, enjoy a brief vacation at Tortuga Archipelago as you bask in the sun, while slaughtering a bunch of endangered turtles and crocodiles.

Years old: I am 24
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What is my Zodiac sign: Capricorn
My favourite drink: Whisky
Other hobbies: Dancing
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Past the annoying Silver Fang. I'll have to make it a party-event then. Tried to take him out, but could not finish him.

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I can help you with it if you like - I can pretty much kill the Silverfang on my own. I took Odin, the two of us could beat him. And I found the Silverwings Can u help me?


I'm an expert hunter and an apprentice mercenary but still can kill the silver fang yet. I've tried with party's like my pets or with Yuelia but it hasn't worked.

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I just need to complete that quest with Senor senior junior silver wings and I will be done the apprentice rank! League of Legends The Elder Scrolls Red Dead Redemption 2.

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Featured Forums. Ryse: Son Korean bikini wax Rome. Story of Seasons Super Smash Bros. I got a challenge to shoot 5 Silverwings as a Hunter on Mt. I've been up there some times to mine platinum, but never seen a Silverwing.

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Are they on the other peak, beyond Silverfang, where Napdragon's nest is?