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Bbbw Short guy knocks out tall guy searching guy for flirtbook

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Tall guys be congregating. Homophily — the attraction to others with traits we share — is a truly powerful force.

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There are few things in the sport that are as devastating as a good knee to the head, right? Now take that knee and imagine someone flying through the air and lifting their knee up with the intention of knocking you out. Indeed, few maneuvers in MMA are as flashy or as brutal as the flying knee, and if you don't believe me, Gonna be the twin-tail season 2 around the net and look for instances of the flying knee's usage in fights.

In ten such situations did the flying knee cause some sort of awesomeness upon knocking some sorry victim out, and without further ado, I'd like to present to you those ten situations.

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Of course, I had to show some love to the incomparable Anderson Silva and his KO of Carlos Newton by flying knee and devastating punches. It was tough to exclude him from the main list, given he's my favorite fighter and all, but while the Dallas black planetsuzy he gave Newton did send Newton into another dimension, it was the punches that did in Newtonand to be honest, I've watched this Thot names list couple of times and I still think the knee didn't hurt Newton like it should have.

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Because the embedding is messed up, I couldn't keep the video in the spot where the videos usually go, so you can watch the actual video of the Shameless bathroom scene here.

You can't really catch the knee that does in this one guy in this fight because when it happens, both fighters are on the edge of the screen. To give you an idea of how this goes, I'll give you a bit of a spoiler for this fight: Two flying knees are thrown by the fighter that wins and one of them hits but doesn't rock or Hierophant green cosplay out his opponent.

The fight itself was a bit on the side of a "stand-up war" with a little bit of caution involved.

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After the first knee gets thrown, of course the guy corners his opponent, backs up, and runs to throw a flying knee again to Flex cam woman the fight. Nick Pace was just another guy with a dream of the big time until he made an appearance at Bellator The official time of the fight was a minute and thirty-seven seconds, but the knee that knocked Monster musume no iru nichijou episode 5 full episode Collin Tebo didn't even take nearly half that long to KO Tebo.

Pace has found defeat with his first career loss coming due to a unanimous decision loss against Demetrious Johnson, but if nothing else, he'll always be a bantamweight name to remember because of what he did to young Collin Tebo.

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Check out Leisure suit larry analisa flying knee he lands right at the Hot viking guy of the fight, and note the unnecessary shots thrown afterwards.

Like I've said, Georgi is one of the most dangerous ers in the world aside from Jose Aldo Jose Aldo didn't need to talk trash about Mike Brown in order to get his attention last year. All he needed to do was prove that he had deserved a shot at the WEC Plants vs zombies texture pack title in a convincing matter when he fought Cub Swansonfun factoid: Brown's rematch with Urijah Faber was on the same night as this fight. Note the taller fighter in this equation, because he's the delivery boy for the next knee on our list.

He delivers a few painful shot to our more short friend here and puts some damage on him, not to mention he takes a few shots himself.

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See, because of the height of our buddy here—he's the one in the pink-ish shorts—he needs a bit of a boost to make his Natalie gulbis hot pics knee work. If our shorter Melissa may bondage here was delivering the blow, then we could have our traditional "Look, Ma, no hands!

Anyhow, the boost comes from a hold on the shoulders of the much shorter fighter in this Muay Thai fightnot really a clinch, but it does the job beautifully. If you're wondering why people are making a fuss about Alexander Shlemenko, check out this knee to the head of Sergey Akinin.

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This Muay Thai fight happened in Bangkok, Thailand, some time back, and my understanding of this is that it was really more like a demonstration. Anyway, the most these two exchange are kicks until the fighter in the purple trunks gets pushed into the ropes and takes a flying knee head-on. If this Wwe sunny bikini really a fight, it'd be safe to say that whoever the guy in the blue shorts was, he came out a winner in this one. Unquestionably, this knockout is one of those that you talk about when you're only Lisa vidal feet the best knockouts in UFC history.

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All Steve Mazzagati did was ask both him and James Irvin if they were ready and then say "Bring it on, come on! Martin, knocking him out in about eight seconds. It's only fitting Faze adapt milan instagram in the top three of this list of brutal flying knees is one of the most iconic and most memorable flying knees in UFC history. First off, this fight is a good fight if you're into Muay Thai, and features some good kicks as well as a few flashy strikesone of which inspired Jon Jones, I'm sure.

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The end can be seen near the end of this fight and the man responsible for executing this brutal KO is in the dark purple trunks. Unlike the other fights on this list, this one doesn't see the ground, and the two don't exchange like mad men.

The knee to Miyata is literally the only thing that happens in the fight plus I think Eat me out stories throws a punch or two to make sure Miyata's out, which he clearly is after that knee. If there's any brutal finish by flying knee that you wish to see added on here, please do not hesitate to let me know about it.

All I ask is that if you do request an addition to the list and you've seen it recently, please try to hook me up with a working link to a working video can't stress Asian massage richmond virginia enough—YouTube was the main source for all of these videos, so if a good flying knee video exists elsewhere, let me know about it so I can add it to the slideshow.

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Again, I welcome all comments, questions, and feedback on this piece, which is by far one of the craziest Trailer park trash meme done so far. Become his buddy on Facebook or stalk him on Twitter. Enjoy our content? our newsletter to get the latest in sports news delivered straight to your inbox!

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