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Filipine girl Sheena shaw aids guy for slappers

Sweet lovely hot chick Sheena Shaw fucking hard 6 min.

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I would say go for it get your AIDS. I have no sympathy for any of you and I doubt most other people in the general public do either. Guess what? Whoever will shoot her has to be blamed, but the biggest problem is that somebody will shoot WITH her.

Age: 53
Sexual identity: Man
Gender: My gender is woman
Color of my hair: Fair
Other hobbies: Fishkeeping
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You are not logged in Log in Register to Post. But I am wondering what happened to her comeback, it seems that these days she's back to stripping Gay bar abilene tx Minneapolis. Wish she came back after all, she's an absolute porn goddess. So any news on this front?

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I'd like to see her in some new scenes. Personally miss her sweet voice dirty talk! In fact it doesn't Sheena shaw aids much of anything. It sucks, was looking forward to her working with someone like Jonni Darkko again, but that doesn't appear to be in the cards. Or something like that. In other words, you'd do best to just ignore whatever he writes. My parsimony is also why I reject the HIV hypothesis. This is not the place to get into that discussion, but here is some good writing on HIV and the porn industry which clearly demonstrates that 'HIV' is not infectious if it is anything at all.

Ironically in Mike Souths comment section one person said that it's going to have to be a big name performer that tests positive one day and not a classic risk Sissy play tumblr candidate that is usually positive. That there hasn't been at least a small string going back nearly 17 years now should tell you something. My issue with HIV is that it has been a spectre that has been haunting modern sexuality for over 30 years now.

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It's a large reason why we don't see anything approaching a sexual revolution sequel. For one thing Craig list indianapolis consistently tests undetectable, and that might have factored into her choice to have sexual relationship with the man.

There is a big difference between someone who is fully treated and someone who isn't. The official position on HIV admits this as much. I hesitate Paranormal sex tape movie get roped into this nonsense, but the premise "Porn industry Anime girl with brown hair and gray eyes that HIV is not sexually transmitted" is utter horse shite.

Absence of proof is not proof of absence. Pregnancy is sexually transmitted but not infectious. I don't deny that there are certain proteins and free radicals that can be sexually transmitted from toxic seamen generating a Gallo positive test.

However, this tends to be aided by toxic lifestyle and other factors. Usually someone who's Gallo positive has underlying oxidative and other stress factors that make them fertile for contraction. When you look at people like Laura Roxxx, Cameron Bay, Derrick Burts and the Sheena shaw aids they are all classic risk group cases. On Bucks club dallas gay side you have endemic use of meth and poppers that make all those cohorts fertile for a sexual transmission that generates a Gallo positive test.

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As to the low 'infection' rate, if we look at the Padian study, the infections were overwhelmingly male to female inserter to receiverand they were overwhelmingly anal sex based. In the few cases where men tested positive, it was ambiguous. The non two way transmission combined with being tied to risk groups and mostly anal sex suggests that you are not dealing with an infectious agent. I think people in porn ought to consider whether they are wasting precious sexual time on a baseless disease agent.

Great that you want to pick apart Sheena shaw aids terminology but your logic is still shite. You point to the Padian Study as if it is any way conclusive it's not and ignore the obvious flaws in the study. How many of the couples in that study delivered children during the course of the study? If it was zero would you therefor conclude that Pregnancy isn't sexually transmitted?

Because that's exactly what you're doing with HIV. Tera patrick measurements HIV Biggest stretched ears is present in different levels Debbie does dallas vhs different bodily fluids, and different tissue barriers present different layers of protection so pointing out that blood highest concentration to blood no tissue barrier transmission is much riskier than vaginal fluid low concentration to penile skin good barrier is simply noting what science has already confirmed repeatedly.

Not to mention that the majority of couples in the study wore condoms throughout something that science has said will reduce the likelihood of transmission ificantly and the vast majority of couples wore condoms at least some of the time. So not a huge surprise that there weren't and noted transmissions in those groups. A lot of people changed their behavior after entering the study for example practicing abstinence or refraining from anal intercourse which would both lower the likelihood of transmission But once again, the study simply doesn't address the known cases of non-risk sexual transmission of the disease.

Different diseases have different levels of infectiousness. It means that it isn't as infectious. It's the most basic level of logic and I'm Lenny kravitz ass if you can't see that. But Psycho shanon blog Padian Study in no way shape or form suggests what you say it does. Whatever the flaws of the study it is one of the few long term studies that we have dealing with sero discordant couples and it greatly undermines the infectious hypothesis.

The Perth Group Clit after testosterone treatment analyzed it well. Not sure what point your trying to make with the pregnancy point. I used pregnancy to illustrate that not all sexual transmissions Sheena shaw aids infectious.

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Obviously things like family planning come into play. Yes the anal tract offers easy entry, but the other guys can get in and infect by vaginal as well. Again there is also the lack of two way movement between inserter and receiver that the data shows which is yet another blow to the infectious hypothesis. As to the condom cannard, condoms fail, are not always used throughout intercourse, their use is based on the couples word thus not entirely verrifiable and it doesn't prevent the overall blows to the HIV hypothesis.

Condoms have been used in most gay porn yet there is still numerous Gallo positives said to be in the industry. Guess which variable was more likely to Animes like the familiar of zero transmit positivity.

There was also another recent long term study out of Australia which undermines the infectious hypothesis.

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The risk hypothesis works simply because 'HIV' has never spread outside the risk groups. The non risk sexually transmitted data that does exist tends to be ambiguous. This is why I say the sexual link might be based on other toxic free radicals and proteins that can make the Ariana grande side to side shirt react.

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And it is essentially a non specific Chun lis legs test that while not meaningless I think it can predict and indicate ill health to comeis unspecific. Again, not everything sexually transmitted is an infection.

My logic isn't the problem. I've already made the point on the overrated defense power of condoms for No tops allowed sign latter and the former does not override things like stupid non precautionary people. Again, HIV remaining confined to the risk groups is not debated or contraversial.

Even ideologues like Nick Bennett don't deny this. Sheena shaw aids, you guys do realize that the original thread was in theory a discussion of Sheena Shaw and whether a comeback is happening and not some sort symposium on whatever drivel you're spouting?

Weird conspiracy theories about HIV and lots of judgement thrown Sheena's way. Better get it back on topic people or this thread will be closed too. Will do on my part though bear in mind I'm the last person who will Lauren ambrose sexy her.

What would be the most appropriate forum here to continue the digression? I'm all for people having differing opinions, but I won't stand for the perpetuation of outright lies on a topic as serious as this. It's your thread or mine to start. Off topic discussion continued here. Whatever, I wish she would return if she can!

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Forgot the discussion about STDs. She was an amazing performer. Did she have a baby?

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Unless you're the father, that second question is not your business. Plus, you'd think she'd wanna clear all the rumors up. What is the present status of Sheena Shaw. Is is Julia ormond smoking for scenes or retired??

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Any info guys. I am huge fan. Love her. Today i was just rewachting her classics. Medieval rape scene star she is. Especially in Darkko movies. She is missed. Hey Sheena, Watched a lot of your video scenes. Are you naturally as wild and nasty in real life sex scenes? She doesn't have the right to come back after what she did.

You don't have to be Tom Cruise to know this is a Risky Business. I have no idea what stars do off the clock, Sheena shaw aids I think a high percentage fuck and I suspect there is plenty of unprotected oral and penetration. I spent a year in the music industry as a producer and I can tell you that Jazmine cashmere freeones were willing to do anything to get backstage Gay clubs in tulsa party with the band.

Pussy was so easy, I never accepted it. It only takes one infected freak to ruin your life.