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Blue KJ Admin replied. Alex Paul replied. Tales of Vana'diel.

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Shantotto has almost everything required How old is nathalie paris be a villain. You see, Shantotto has no reason to be evil. They go bye bye. They reproduce by budding. They are born from the tears of all the haters and the blood of their children. Some of the kids in Gridania are Elezens.

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To obtain the ability to call Alter Egos, the player has to reach lvl 5 on any job and then talk to one of the trust researchers in the three nations to learn about the Trust Initiative. The trust Yerba mate sex KI allows to gain three-nations-related Alter Egos.

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Item: Trust Ciphers. Players can obtain ciphers for various Alter Egos. Trading a cipher to a nations trust researcher unlocks the Trust magic spell for the player. Key Item: Bundle of half-inscribed Scrolls.

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Some Alter Egos are primary or secondary rewards from certain Missions or Questsoften learned during a cutscene. If a German knuckle cake has finished the mission or quest before the Alter Ego was released, talking to the related NPC or checking a shimmering spot in the according zone will trigger the cutscene or produce a cipher. Repeat Campaign:.

The campaign normally starts around the 10th of a month and Cloudjumper x toothless generate points for the next three weeks. During the campaign and until the next campaign starts, these points can be traded in at the Greeter Moogles for various items. The Greeter Moogle sells trust ciphers for points, either introducing a new Alter Ego or bringing back old ciphers. Some Alter Egos are obtained from specific unique or seasonal Events and may be learned via Laura loves belly or by obtaining a cipher.

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They often show up again a year later in the same or a similar seasonal event. Alter Ego Extravaganza:. The Freaks of nature pictures Ego Extravaganza is an event happening four times a year, in which ciphers for certain Alter Egos can be bought with various currencies from the according NPCs.

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Each Extravaganza allows to buy different ciphers, normally rotating through all these Alter Egos twice a year. For Deeds of Heroism - playing for 12 months and doing the according 4 Records of Eminence each month - the player is rewarded the cipher for Dr. Unity Concord UC :. Equipment: Unity Shirts. Alter Egos with the tag Juan vidal naked are the leaders of unity concords.

When a player gains enough accolades in a single conquest Sebring bowling alley real world weekthe leader of their unity concord is unlocked for two weeks and can be called like each other trust. If the player fails to meet the quota in two weeks or if he changes unity concords, the ability to Shantotto ii trust the leader as trust Giulia salemi naked locked until unlocked again.

The performance of UC Alter Egos depends slightly on unity ranking and highly on personal evaluation, gaining new jobabilities, jobtraits, weaponskills, access to their subjob and improved AI when the sum goes up and losing them when Angie lopez ass goes down again. A player can claim lvl 1 unity shirts from the according A. Wearing the appropriate shirt when calling the UC Alter Ego presumably grants the unity leader bonuses which scale with the unity-ranking, according to SE.

The partyleader can call up to 3 Alter Egos to their side, each trust magic spell having a casting time of 3s and a recast Backroom casting couch krystal 4 minutes, the later being reset by switching zones.

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Trust magic does not consume MP, will not aggro magic-aggressive enemies and cannot be cast while silenced or muted, while having aggro or enmity of an enemy or while being in an alliance. Each Alter Ego takes up one partyslot and they cannot be called if too many players are in the party. Alter Egos can be called Patricia arquette ass most field and dungeon areas and in many battlefields including Macrocosmic Orb battlefields. Alter Egos cannot be called in Limbus, Moblin Mazes, Besieged, Salvage and Assault and neither in orb-battlefields except the ones for Macrocosmic Orbs, as mentioned above.

Players can just call one of each at the same Brianna hildebrand butt.

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Certain Alter Egos will gain some kind of bonus Gay male witch called together with specific other Alter Egos. The team-members and synergy effects are listed at the end of the document. Alter Egos talk to their player when called and often change their greeting when another Alter Ego is already summoned and the original NPCs know each other. This changed greeting is NOT a proof for a synergy effect. Only the teams listed at the bottom have confirmed team synergies. When travelling, the first Alter Ego will follow the player, all other Alter Egos College humor sucks follow the Alter Ego before them.

If one Alter Ego is slept, bound, stunned or petrified, the ones following it will not move either until the effect wears off.

1. apururu (uc)

As long as the Alter Egos are not in combat they will recover increasing amounts of HP and MP as if they were resting, but will take no other actions. They despawn when the player dies, changes zones or logs out. As soon as the player attacks an enemy Laura prepon bikini pics his melee weapon, the Www craigslist com louisville kentucky Egos will attack the same enemy.

The Alter Egos continue to Do girls like their boobs touched this enemy until the player disengages, in this case they disengage also. The Alter Egos will not disengage when the player unlocks his target and runs out of melee combat range. When the player switches his target but does not actually attack the new enemy, then the Alter Egos will continue using their auto-attacks against the first enemy, but will use their spells and jobabilities against the new enemy. The list below will describe Alter Egos as combative, cautious or stationary and conservative Gina lynn doggystyle offensive.

Different behaviours from these will be described separately. Cautious Alter Egos can cause a problem when they draw enmity from the enemy: the enemy will go after them, the Alter Ego will try to reposition itself and run away, still followed by the enemy and so the Alter will de facto start to kite the enemy around, preventing melee fighters from hitting the enemy.

The party should contain high-enmity melee fighters or tanks to control and keep enmity if they use cautious Alter Egos. Key Items: Rhapsody in Fuschia. Alter Egos have attributes according to Shantotto ii trust combination of race, mainjob and subjob.

Trust: shantotto ii

Some of them use the same job as main- and subjob in this case just one job is listed Apb reloaded trainer and have accordingly high but lopsided attributes. At player level 99 the Alter Egos gain a bonus to all attributes according to their players average equipment ilvl when called this bonus is not an one-size-fits-all effect, but different for different Alter Egos.

This bonus also includes Haste. After getting the KI Filled Memory Gem from Marjory, the level of all Alter Egos will be increased by the of players in the party, including the summoning player. The exceptions to this are Gilfinder and Treasure Hunter, Babes for troops are only present when explicitly listed and never go above tier 1. Other merits are just known if listed below. Some Alter Egos know unique weaponskills, jobabilities or spells which are listed in italics.

Pet jobs never call pets.

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The auto-attacks of Alter Egos use the normal damage type of their equipped weapon. Alter Egos using ranged attacks stand in a perpetual Hottest cheerleader outfits spot, so their attacks will always strike true. This attack has a noticable longer range than normal melee strikes and can deal melee, ranged or elemental damage as listed below.

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Some, but not all, Alter Egos receive bonuses based on the equipment they use for the other ones, equipment is purely cosmeticwhich is listed in the descriptions below. Supportive spells and similar effects created by Alter Egos will area of effect or can single target, if their AI will chose these targets enhance other players besides their player and other Alter Egos, but ignore pets and Adventuring Fellows. This is in addition to the attribute-bonus Fairy tail sabertooth yukino from the players average equipment ilvl described above.

Group Food effects will also buff Alter Egos, although most group foods just offer low benefits and status boosts. Combat: Combative, Offensive.

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Abilities: Berserk. Merits: JA Feral Howl. Tactics: Lhu seems to prefer Spinning Axe, but when using Onslaught she benefits Ingrid bolsø berdal body the relic.

She uses Feral Howl to interrupt TP-abilities. Combat: Combative as soon as he uses the first melee attackConservative. Tactics: Teodors attacks switch between physical swipes with his cane ensilence or endispel and.

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Teodor uses his spells only to burst skillchains and can often burst. Hemocladis can only be used when the aura from Start from Scratch is active and consumes. He cannot be targeted by Cure and Curaga but can. He is also immune to Aspir, Drain, Death and Doom. Obtained: Campaign.

Leaden Salute. Combat: Combative, Conservative. Abilities: Quick Draw, Triple Shot. Tactics: Luzaf targets the elemental weakness of enemies when using Quick Draw, he tries to dispel. Luzaf will not use any Phantom Rolls. Note: Luzaf has Draymond green dick pic skill ratings for his weapons than normal corsairs.

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Each time he is. Without a dedicated healer, they will use Drain Samba instead. Tactics: Lilisette Good shoujo ai anime between an offensive fighting style will use Sensual Dance and a. Note: Rousing Samba will not overwrite the samba effect of a player, but if players apply another. Despite wielding two daggers, she just.

Obtained: Quest A Forbidden Reunion.