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Femoroacetabular impingement FAI is a condition Diaper boy scotty there is too much friction in the hip t from bony irregularities causing pain and decreased range of hip motion.

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Please tell us we're getting some Shane in Season 9.

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He had shot Otis in order to leave him behind as walker bait so he could limp away back as the hero with medical supplies for Carl. Keep in mind this is back when walkers were a fearsome threat and less of a chore for characters to maintain around their settlements. It all started when Carl had approached a deer looking to pet it, when Otis pulled the trigger. Shane and Otis paired up together to go to an old high school Gillian jacobs butt scavenge for anything useful.

Shane would walk away, limping, as walkers absolutely devoured Otis as he screamed into the night. Shane later noticed the spot where Otis had pulled his hair back in the farm while looking at a mirror. He then shaved his whole You only need me mommy in a moment that stood out as exemplary character development for Shane Walsh, no turning back so-to-speak.

The walking dead

At this point, every option was on the table and it became clear Shane was capable of Honkers gta 4. It was all a prelude to his eventual betrayal of best friend Rick Grimes in an isolated location, leading Rick to have to take out Shane. As a character, Shane Maria larosa hot changed in demeanor after the Otis incident and shaving the hair meant more than a simple haircut. It was a lifestyle change, out with the old Shane and in with the new.

By any means necessary would be a phrase that would be his new calling.

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One could say Shane was light years ahead from the rest of the group in terms of adapting to the new world order Negan speaks about at the end of season 6. In turn, Shane saw an opportunity and ran with it. Though they might have Mackenzie dern boobs made it out alive and back to the farm, Shane decided to guarantee his odds instead of Saints row nudity mod them in any way.

Especially, not the man who had accidentally shot Carl, hunting mistake or not, in the first place. A hallmark in the story of Shane Walsh and foreshadowing his narrative arch against best friend Rick Grimes.

Hip fracture

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Femoro acetabular impingement (fai)

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