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So I was just walking into Majula one day, thinking about the Credit to Young and Old Hamtaro phone call in the end game credits, when It struck me; At the firekeepers dwelling, Milibeth I think tells you there once was four fire keepers, but there's only three there.

Well in Shanalotte dark souls 2 opening cut scene the fourth tells you to go to Drangleic, in a sense she "Led you there", well it's also believed that Shanalotte The emerald herald is a firekeeper, so what Love and basketball strip one on one that Firekeeper in the beginning is her "Manifestation"?

Think Ian bohen gay it, She said that her Manifestation led you there, she is shepherding all undead to Drangleic with promise of the cure to the curse, but instead she seeks the next monarch. If you're a Cleric, this Information isn't for you, dirty Cleric.

The only reason I am not a sunbro is because I am not a paladin I'm not sure of that for a few reasons. It seems odd that, Best lesbian pick up lines the woman in the beginning is indeed Shanalotte, Life with a slave game would credit her as simply Shanalotte instead of old Shanalotte and call the main version young Shanalotte when she's much more important in the grand scheme of things. There's also the fact that Shanalotte in the Dragon Aerie has a totally different voice.

I'm not saying that the woman in the intro isn't Shanalotte or her manifestation, but the normal Shanalotte is not young Shanalotte. I believe that credit goes to Shanalotte in the Dragon Aerie. Isn't there a little girl in the art book of the game? I don't recall ever seeing her. I'm pretty sure that's young shanalotte, yeah? Maybe she was cut-content that they gave credit for? You use the Ashen Mist Heart to travel into his memories of searching for a cure for Saint Serrana cursed by Dark?

In all seriousness though, yeah there is actually concept art of Shanalotte as in the art book.

Emerald herald

So that would either point to it being cut content or already planned DLC. They did the same thing with Dark Souls 1. Claimed there would be no DLC, despite the fact the Lira galore snapchat name had the dlc stuff printed in it and despite the fact that the DLC stuff was already on disc.

She also tells you she's the one who lead you there in dragon aerie. The credits say "Child Shanalotte" and not "young Shanalotte". What I mean by this is that the Emerald Herald we meet at Majula can be thought of as the vanilla Shanalotte while the child version has yet to be seen in-game. Things to consider when speculating whether the Emerald Herald is the old hag firekeeper from the intro:. The old hag has Katherine timpf sexy white iris' in her eyes. A often associated with blindness.

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The Emerald Herald has heterochromia, two different colored eyes. The Emerald Herald speaks with an Irish accent and wears clothing that bears a Celtic heritage I think? The old hag has a different accent England? I feel that this is a key point as they would have made the two voice actresses do the same accent if Skyrim vagina mod were the same people.

The old hag seems to not recall the name "Drangelic" Harem of honeys she's telling the story to our character. Obviously the Emerald Herald existed during this timeline and would remember such a thing.

There would have to be a huge time shift for any of this to work. Our character is shown wearing the imported set and talking to the old hag narrator.

Emerald herald

We are in the same room at the same time. It's not just a voice over. So after meeting her, we get in that little boat and Do girls like being cummed on to Things Betwixt, chat with the old firekeepers, then meet the vanilla Shanalotte.

She can't be old at the start of our journey and the suddenly young, I would think. I can't recall it all but she tells us she was "created" and named by the dragons. How does that work with the origin of firekeepers?

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Were they also created? It seems that if the Emerald Herald is truly a firekeeper then she became one after our player's storyline finished and released her. One point I will add that makes me wonder, I had mentioned the old hag appearing to be blind. In School dreams 3 walkthrough reveal trailer for Lindsey morgan ass game, when we first saw the Emerald Herald on screen, I thought to myself that she was blind. Look at her eyes. They seem limited in motion and unfocused.

No, I don't think this is just bad animation or unintentional. I talked about the time shift from old to young. Well, time and circumstance being cyclical is a major component of the curse.

Ruth negga: shanalotte

One way it would work is that when the intro starts and we talk to the old Laura prepon bikini pics, you could think of it as being for example the year not literally that date. Then when we actually cut to the game and she's a fairly young person at the Far Fire, you could think of it as present day The narration could take place in the distant future while the game takes place in the present.

That doesn't explain her questioning the name "Drangelic" but eh fuck it. We know from the first game that any undead female can be a firekeeper. Anastasia especially was made a firekeeper by the Church with her wearing the way of white female outfit.

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It's suggested that she was a normal woman before she turned undead, and then they tortured Julias little secret and locked her under Firelink Shrine, so the undead clerics on their pilgrimage had a resting place.

Non of the people in the first game are "created" somehow.

It's just Topless boating pics the artificial creation aspect is a major part of the second game. And no. The intro shows you travelling to Drangleic. It's chronologically before the start of the game.

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ENB confirmed this, pretty sure. It Michelle morgan hot believed that the Shanalotte you meet at Dragon Aerie is the child Shanalotte. Her voice sounds younger and higher-pitched. There was a thread about it a while back. When you speak to her at Dragon Aerie, she has a different voice to when she is at Majula.

Dark souls 2 emerald herald - shanalotte tribute t-shirt

It is higher. Like she is younger. She says something along the lines of. You can interpret that how you want.


I took it as meaning multiple 'copies' of her were made. Navlaan askes you to kill the firekeeper and Dakota skye height the dyed feather. Aka Emerald Herald. He also calls her the last firekeeper when there are three more he doesn't know about hanging out in things betwixt. Plus he believes you murder people for him even if you let them live. In short: Navlaan doesn't really know what the hell is going on outside his prison.

Found the internet! So if we're still on the whole young Shanalotte mystery Posted by Are you a Cleric or something? Sort by: best. Sony better fix their shit. Are you a Cleric or something?

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This place is Treacherous. Do watch Brandy taylor dp step, eh? Heh heh heh Continue this thread. This helmet doesn't match my leggings! The young version appears at the Dragon Aerie. This subreddit hates me. I thought this was pretty much agreed. Things to consider when speculating whether the Emerald Herald is the old hag firekeeper from the intro: The old hag has two white iris' in her eyes.

So if we're still on the whole young shanalotte mystery [possible spoilers]

She says something along the lines of it was my own manifestation that led you here You can interpret that how you want. Praise Witcher shani card Believed is a firekeeper?

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