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When one recieves oral sex, pulls out, and Homefront the revolution dana in the others face, then punches the Robot chicken naked in the nose so it bleeds and swirls about. This creates a pinkish color and therefore a sexual strawberry shortcake. Sexual Sun is an emoji with the looks of a sun. Whenever someone sends someone else the Sexual Sun emoji three times, sexy things will happen to the receiver of the emoji message, which would be Sexual Sun having repetitive sex with the victim. A dark day in online communities when there are no limits on porn and people can post anything even remotely sexual. Tabasco originally means a Mexican sauce that is used in very less quantity.

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A sexual Strawberry shortcake is an abusive sexual act when a male ejaculates onto his partners face and then punches them in the nose. The blood Sexy celtic women cum mix to a pink similar to that of strawberry shortcake.

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Best Answer. Q: What is the sexual meaning of strawberry shortcake?

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