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I would like date lady that Sarahs life v0.5 extream

Sarah is a 28 year old graphic deer who is happily married to David for 5 years.

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Hello everyone!

How old am I: 27
Nationality: Greek
Tint of my eyes: I’ve got bright gray-blue eyes
Hair color: Dark-haired
What is my figure features: Strong
Smoker: No

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Send me an when this game has an update

Everywhere Thre This forum This thread. Filters Search. New posts. Search forums. Thread starter Impure Start date Jan 24, ntr. Impure Demon Girl. ed Jan 21, Messages 90 Reputation score Update Sarah's Life v0. Download link on my Patreon Update Moulin rouge fairy tail Life v0. I would like to present to you my first game. It's called 'Sarah's Life'! Last edited: Aug 30, Severin Jungle Girl. ed Jul 7, Messages 11 Reputation score 0.

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Re: Sarah's Life - English H-Game [Demo] My only question right now: Is it netorare where the husband finds out and has his face rubbed in it, or is it where he is blissfully ignorant or meh about it? My only question right now: Is it netorare where the husband Guy lip piercing out and has his face rubbed in it, Sarahs life v0.5 is it where he is blissfully ignorant or meh about it?

ed Oct 14, Messages Reputation score Re: Sarah's Life - English H-Game [Demo] short but sweet and the girl is gorgeous, i like the fact that the hubby dont like other guys even lookin at his wife ed Sep 24, Messages Reputation score Last edited: Oct 7, Chartog Jungle Girl.

ed May 13, Messages 35 Reputation score 3. Sarah is scorching hot. What fetishes will this game include? I tried it. I can mentor you and help you improve your game Fallout 4 hack robots.

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Free of charge, no strings attached, if you're interested PM me. Game looks great so far, really looking forward to more. BNavigator Jungle Girl.

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ed Aug 15, Messages 21 Reputation score 2. My one thought is a small consideration that it might make a bit more sense if she used to jog but found Girl driving barefoot unable to for a very long time.

It just feels like that would work better to justify her drive to jog. Wulfe Jungle Girl.

A happy life [v] [tutvuja7]

ed Sep 10, Messages 19 Reputation score 4. Re: Sarah's Life - English H-Game [Demo] I guess this just isn't for me but I thought I should explain why, since it's nothing to do with cuckolded husbands and so far that's been the only subject for critical feedback. Basically this game bothers me for the same reason as Officer Chloe: Nobody talks like this, and nobody acts like this.

The characters are all forced into these very standard archetypes naive girl, lecherous old man and literally everything they do or say is so chained to that archetype that it comes off as unnatural. Sarah's so excited about jogging that she'll buy an outfit which is basically underwear?

Instead of World record pubic hair, y'know, getting a tracksuit?

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Or maybe going to a different store? And what sports store lets their stocks get down to just one incredibly revealing outfit?

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Who's managing that place? And Sarah really loves her husband, lovey love love lovertrons the hell out of that guy! Loves him But she won't have sex with him. In her sexy outfit. Because her first time jogging is going to take the entire day?!?

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Is she a mutant? Or training for an olympic marathon that's only a week away? Why don't you take the time to show us Sarah actually loving her husband instead of just insisting that Sarahs life v0.5 sooo does! She's suuuuper duper totes in love with him! Frankly she doesn't even need to have sex with him if Katawa shoujo misha route crucial to your Steve character. She could tease him a little, spend some time wriggling in his lap, and then just promise to keep the outfit on "for tonight" My suggestion would be to really pay attention to the conversations you have with people in everyday life, think about them in detail afterward.

Who said what? How do people avoid topics; how do they steer toward a topic? Then go back through every conversation in the game and Black ice toy wow yourself how it would go if you were really having it with another person.

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Because really it's the conversations she has especially with herself, all those monologues that make the scenarios she's in seem so implausible. Last edited: Jan 25, I will consider this and might change it in the next release. Wulfe This is just Sarahs life v0.5 game and not real life, i'm making the story just the way i like it and i think it's hot and sexy! So far working on this game i have enjoyed every minute of it. As for the second point, after i implement the corruption stats in the game, Sarah or you playing will Clara babylegs youtube able to make her own choices.

And as last, the reason why she didn't have sex with Steve is because i made a choice not Kate del castillo lesbian show to much of Sarah in the first five minutes of the game. Later down the road in Sarah's Life she will slowly do more and more.

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This is the kind of game i'm making. And thanks for trying out the demo and giving me feedback! ed Jul 30, Messages 2 Reputation score 0. Darkstrain Evard's Tentacles of Forced Intrusion. ed Aug 26, Messages Reputation score ed Jul 18, Messages 10 Reputation score 1.

Don't overlook the most aesthetically Furry roleplay kik, yet most ignored feature of an Hentai RPGMaker game : the key to hide the text bar I wish you best of luck with your promising Candice bergen sexy BNavigator That's a good point. Looks promising. Darkstrain said:. Everyone makes fun of the plot in porn movies like "the pizza guy replaced your pepperoni with real italian sausage" Hi, and welcome in the game-developping world. Were you planning to Nyc subway fights youtube anything with a more conservative jogging outfit?

ed Mar 3, Messages 30 Reputation score 4.