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And that's not limited to just everyday people who are running into their look-alikes. Celebrities do, too.

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Their resemblance is so uncanny, we could barely tell them apart numerous times!

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Ever mistook one celebrity for another? I wish I looked like that, I swear to God. The lazy drawl, gruff vocals, and handsome blinding smiles of the celebrity look alikes are some of their most obvious matching traits, especially when you compare Centineo with young, s Ruffalo. We hope to witness the celebrity look alike duo work Caroline flack boobs a project together one day.

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The uncanny resemblance of the brunettes became more prominent when Modern Family star Sarah Hyland ditched her ringlet curls for a sleeker hairdo. With big Bambi-like eyes and bronzed skin, Sarah Hyland could easily pass for Mila Kunis and vice versa.

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Apparently, Mila Kunis made the first step and introduced herself to Sarah Hyland after getting praised for her role in Modern Family. I love Modern Family.

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Can I pretend to be you? But have a great day.

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That lady just made my whole Black guy yelling This celebrity look alike pair is an obvious one. Did you ever mistake Deschanel for Perry while watching New Girl?

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Our answer is all the time! The resemblance between both the celebrities is infinitely closeespecially with their striking big blue eyes Bad stepmom quotes short bobbed hairdos.

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