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Watch the trailer for The Proposal. stars on the red carpet at the film's LA premiere.

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For most of her career the actress has kept her clothes on for movie roles that have seen her play a string of prim - Jolene van vugt sexy a little geeky - characters such as Miss Congeniality. Baring all: Sandra Bullock in romantic comedy The Proposal which sees the actress take part in her first nude scenes aged Bullock joked that that she'll be stripping for more roles following the romantic comedy's runaway succes.

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The Proposal, a dippy but amiable rom-com out in the UK next week, is notable in a handful of modest ways. It returned Sandra Bullock to the American box office No 1 slot for the first time in Watch prison school uncensored decade.

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It raises not a flicker of scepticism that a year-old woman will still be able to have children. It allows Ryan Reynolds to demonstrate a comedic range few would have imagined him capable of.

Ryan reynolds lays bare the truth about nude scenes with sandra bullock

It sees Golden Girl Betty Alexandra uchi naked back on the big screen. But its most striking feature — certainly the one the media have thus far majored on this site now included — Hypnotic erotic stories the scene in which its two stars get their kit off and crash into each other. For background: Bullock is a tough-talkin', ball-bustin' publisher; Reynolds her put-upon PA. Bullock gets threatened with deportation back to Canada by some immigration meanies.

The only way she can stay put is to get hitched, so she blackmails Reynolds into green-card groomery.

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There, in the process of chastely sharing a room, and after much elaborate set-up about not realising Bullock was out of the shower Teddi barrett escort, and Reynolds being temporarily deaf on of listening to an iPod, the two of them collide naked the trailer offers an artfully snipped snippet.

This scene took three days to shoot. It's no more than faintly funny despite Bullock and Reynolds being competent physical comedians.

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But it's been worth its weight in gold in terms of publicity. Kelli_mfn_staxx every interview given to promote The Proposal has focused on the ins-and-outs of producing that scene — the size of Bullock's modesty-saving loofah in the preamble ; the reaction of the crewthe slip of Reynolds's micro loincloth.

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Without it, the film would have been just as average. But the hype machine surrounding it would have been a lot less fed. Just think of all those "how buff does Bullock look?

Ryan reynolds on his ‘proposal’ nude scene: ‘it’s pretty incredible!’

In fact, it's hard to remember a movie with such a contrived yet almost wholly unsexual nude scene. Yes, there's the Austin Powers-style genital obfuscation with props — a device pioneered by the Carry Ons and used, most recently and weirdlyin Robert Zemeckis's 3D Beowulf.

But that's just slapstick. Then there's the explicit nudity in films like Lars von Trier's Antichrist — but Nsa sex tumblr Charlotte Gainsbourg's auto-clitorectomy seems less chasing-after-column-inches than Bullock and Reynolds's togless collision. Am I being too cynical? Or are there hundreds of other examples of non-erotic Gay beach rio de janeiro highly-gratuitous nudity?

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Film blog Film. The Proposal's nude scene may not be sexual but it is cynical.

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Hats — and everything else — off to the publicity department. Photograph: Public Domain. Catherine Shoard. Reuse this content.

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