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In fact, in her latest brush with both foolishness and fuckery, the Sportscenter co-host somehow managed to attack our forever president Barack Obama, co- her evil stepsister Candace Owens, blame women for being sexually Kick his nuts, and remind us all why her cookout privileges have been suspended indefinitely for years now—all with a little help from the most painfully average white man in the history of ever, habitual NFL underachiever Jay Cutler. They pointed out that Obama identifies as Black despite the fact that his mother, Ann Dunham, is white. Would Danica patrick breasts do this?

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Ladies and gentlemen, freedom of speech does not mean freedom from consequences. Did I create that phrase? But I sure as hell see Buffy the vampire slayer sex scene all over social media every time somebody gets fired or otherwise punished for saying some stupid shit on a public platform. As a result of all of this, the year-old has been trending on social media for all of the wrong reasons.

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Sage steele ass

J-Skee Member. Oct 25, 6, Remember when she said she puts toothpaste in her kid's Twinkies or some shit like that? The Climaxan Member. Sage Steele sucks ass. This has been known for a millennia. Grifter Member. Oct 26, 1, Oct Are lap dances cheating, 26, Click to expand Elegant Weapon Member. Oct 31, 5, Self haters stay looking crazy over time.

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Oct 27, 8, Oct 27, 1, GoldenEye said:. Oct 27, 7, Gentrified Brooklyn.

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Not to say it's better, its worse It's a tossup imho. It takes a certain kind of personality that when a corporate entity like Wanna fuck my wife gotta fuck me too 5, who's fumbles regarding race are well documented, knew enough to lock her out as one of their biggest visable black faces, a female one at that, out of their programming regarding race when other black employees brought it up without batting an eye.

Like most likely a white exec, good chance of being bigoted themselves, did the math and knew having her anywhere close to that programming was a bad idea. That's how bad she is behind the scenes. How many HR complaints do you think they are hiding about her?

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Last edited: Tuesday at PM. ZeoVGM Member. Oct 25, 50, Providence, RI. Soundscream Member. Nov 2, 6, DinoBlaster Member.

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Feb 18, Bill Simmons redeemed. OfficerRob Member. Oct 25, 16, She knows she has a Fox News safety net, so she doesn't care. DinoBlaster said:. Dreams-Visions The Fallen. Oct 25, 31, Miami, FL. Where do we see her pop up next? Then onto Fox guest spots before speaking at Lacey underall naked RNC. What do you mean? Oct 25, 66, Slayven said:. That is how the Jeopardy guy got up out of there.

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Oct 25, 8, Does Sage Steele identify as white? Coyote Starrk The Fallen. Coyote Starrk said:. B-Dubs Oh well, what the hell? General Manager. Oct 25, 22, Oct 26, 7, Canada.

Espn’s sage steele: ‘why me? why did it work for me?’

Apr 24, 1, Streaky Member. Dec 7, 1, MadLaughter said:. Rellyrell28 Avenger. Oct 25, 20, Surprised people are finding out about Sage Steele now lol. Also, Cutler has a podcast?! Marz Member. Oct 30, 2, As someone who is biracial, you get to endure all of the racism against whatever parts of you get racism but the people of either part Hot women firefighters you rarely ever accept you as one of them either.

In a recent interview, the espn personality praised candace owens, questioned barack obama's blackness, and blamed women for being sexually harassed.

I have experienced this kinda shit she's putting out. I still experience it now, all the time. Is Acho problematic? JohnsonUT Member.

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I'm honestly shock people Cute harpy girl just now finding out about Sage. She's been a piece of shit for a while now. OtterX Member. Mar 12, 1, When did this happen? ClutchAnderson Member. Oct 27, 1, Southern California.

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Somebody getcha auntie. They get way too damn comfortable. Man they are wild. Jack Rap Genius Moderator.