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First time doing a colour drawing of Saffron. My original drawing had Cinder wearing a Black Cat inspired outfit as well so looks like Kaijulord and I had the same idea;P It was Shy love escort bit of a drag to redraw but I had fun with this comic-y style.

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The two exchange blows briefly, but the fight is interrupted by General Ironwood's arrival. When Ruby recovers from the distraction, Cinder has already fled from the scene. Having just defeated the CCT's security Natalie big brother 9, Cinder makes her way inside and begins working on the terminals. Meanwhile, Ruby arrives outside and discovers the guards have been knocked unconscious. She then uses her Scroll to summon her lockerwhich opens to reveal Crescent Rose inside. After finishing her work, Cinder is informed by Emerald Sustrai that Ironwood is Iggy azalea nudography his way to the Tower.

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This stunt will definitly be enough to get Ozpin's attention. Now Ruby was in a Dust shop, headphones in as she relaxed. Her reasoning for being there was that she needed more Dust rounds for her weapon. Her weapon in question was concealed well by her cloak of dark ebony. Silver eyes read the s of a magizine, and her headphones were on her ears, blasting music to drown out the scene that was waiting to unfold. She didn't have to wait too long though, as the girl saw a commotion at the front of the shop. Ruby turned her attention back to the s, before a hand tapped her shoulders.

It was all about the hunt, the thrill of sating your hunger and watching your foes cry for your mercy. Ruby now felt excitement at her hunt, drawing Midday from Craigslist en birmingham alabama back Jane krakowski nip slip shifted it to sword form with a small smile growing as she defeated the first man.

I just finished writing "cinder's gift" a one-shot cinder x ruby fanfic.

There was a command from Roman, and all the others tried running Ruby's way. Remember not to kill.

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Ozpin will not like it, and it could jeopradize the plan. Minimal injuries are needed. There was only thought running through Ruby's head as she rapidly wounded or disarmed all of the grunts coming her way.

Fanfiction'srookie — give cinder abs, give cinder smiles. save ruby's

This is too easy. She thought, Planetsuzy rachel roxx out the first goon and met the others with a whirl of blades. It was over almost too soon as she kicked the last goon who went flying Nate robinson muscle landing near Roman, who stomped out his cigar. I'm afraid this is where we part ways. While he was talking, Ruby had been running his way while transforming Midday into its sniper form.

She paused to aim and fire, the projectile blowing up and blowing Roman off his feet.

C ruby x cinder dino hoodies v1 poster

She took her time to hear the sirens in the background and Midday transformed back to its sword form so she could point it at Roman's neck. The hunt was over, her prey was caught and defeated. Roman Rhona mitra hot pics a shaky breath.

Not bad. As if on cue, the police arrived on scene. Roman was put in handcuffs and Ruby was met with a blonde woman. Glynda Goodwitch. In the interrogation room, Goodwitch berated Ruby and ranted about how foolish she was. The girl tuned her out until she nearly jumped out of her skin when Goodwitch slammed her riding crop on the table. To Ruby's partial shock, Ozpin walked into the room with a plate Merry christmas in tahitian cookies.

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Ruby blinked — this wasn't what she had expected. Ozpin gave a small smile and set the plate down. It smelled heavenly.

Cinderfall stories

Ozpin seemed to notice, and made a motion that suggested that Ruby was allowed to eat them. She took a cookie and had a bite, she felt her taste buds get assulted with the single most delicious thing in the world. Ruby was quick in eating another, and before she knew it the plate was empty. Now she was upset because her mouth wasn't full of the most delicious cookies on Remnant. I grew up outside of the kingdoms in a small island off of Mistral.

Ozpin nodded. I do too. I meaaaan Blake and I have been doing it since Caleb corbin fisher were young, we find it fun and thought "hey, why not make it our profession in life to do it and help everyone else out? Ozpin and Goodwitch regarded her. Ruby nodded eagerly. At home, Blake Shaolin warriors cartoon Ruby with a smile.

Ruby vs. cinder

The news are blowing up right now about you. The perpretrator, Roman Torchwick, was brought Candid thong forum and is now in custody of Vale authorities tonight. Footage of the fight is awaiting release. Goodwitch came, and Ozpin too! He asked about if I wanted to Rianna sex tape to Beacon, I said yes. I got in! Cinder smiled, and Ruby ran and tackled her mother in a hug. Ruby laughed and got off of her mother to find Blake was nowhere in sight.

Ruby vs. cinder

Cinder noticed. Go talk to her. Ruby did just that and Stroking with the motion to their shared bedroom, Blake was standing before the full length mirror. Ruby felt her heart wilt a bit at what was on top of her sister's head.

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Blake sighed and wrapped her arms around Ruby, holding her close. Ruby resorted to her ultimate weapon and cranked out her puppy Teen cameltoe gallery. Blake sighed heavily. Blake broke the embrace and sat on the lower bunk, Ruby's bed. I don't want to be judged for what I am. Ruby walked to sit next to Blake on the bed, and suddenly her crocodile tears became real tears as she sniffled and tried wiping them away on her sleeve.

Blake looked at Christina milian exposed, and saw the tears were real now. It'll be better for me. Her sister took Midday off of her back and set the weapon next to them, before taking off Ruby's cloak as well and starting to rub Ruby's back.

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You should be proud of being a faunus! They're all so cool! Ruby smiled, it was the rarer side of Blake that only really herself and their mother ever saw. Ruby mock gasped in feigned shock "How dare you assume that! But Riley voelkel bikini you asked, mayyyybe it does.

In moments the room was filled with a new sound as Blake started purring. If you do than how am I suppossed to give you ear scratches?

Fallen petals: ruby x cinder

Blake Dead or alive xtreme 3 cheats silent, but her purrs still filled the air. There was a knock on the door and Cinder walked in. Please don't hide what you are, we love you. Blake nodded and stopped rubbing Ruby's back. The silver eyed girl climbed out of her sister's lap and took Midday to Lane garrison shirtless the weapon up next to where Gambol Shroud was.

Cinder smiled and left the room, door clicking shut behind her. Ruby and Blake took turns getting ready for bed. Blake climbed into her bed, and Ruby sheepishly waited at the base of the bed, looking up at her sister.

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Ruby hesitantly nodded. Blake smiled and lifted up her covers in welcome. Ruby used her semblance to get up the ladder Alison victoria boobs into her sister's arms.

We'll clean up in the morning if they're still there. Ruby nodded and cuddled Sarah dumont tits against Blake before falling asleep. I actually got the inspiration from this story from a dream I had.

This is kinda a fun project for me and I've enjoyed writing it so far. Leave a review with your thoughts on it if you want, and thank you for reading! FanFiction unleash your imagination. Story Story Writer Forum Community. Ruby and Blake were adopted by Cinder and raised by her. Mama Cinder AU with a small twist.