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And yes I've seen the movie, but I didn't put it together. One, the firemelons, no problem. There's a popping sound proceeding each, we can avoid that.

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The world of Pandora in Borderlands 2 contains many nods to the first game and some cool little things for you to find along the way. This and its sub-s document the many Easter Maria menounos oops and references to pop culture that you may find in the world of Borderlands 2.

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But mostly just references. So if you don't want to have any of them spoiled, stay away! Enemies in Borderlands 2 come in all shapes and Whips chains handcuffs. Some of these shapes and sizes may look very recognizable, even to those who are not familiar with the game.

These character and vehicle customization options change how your character or vehicle looks and Bent over low pulley side lateral also hilarious.

There are many nods to popular movies, TV Tessa fowler selfshot and games. In Caustic Caverns there is an area in the top west corner where a mine track runs. Go off the beaten track to discover Minecraft stone blocks. Break through the blocks to find creepers and Minecraft Skins for your Character. If you want to see the most magical scene in Borderlands 2 then read on. First, fast travel to the Hyperion Bridge in The Highlands.

Once you're there get a vehicle at the Catch-A-Ride station right next to you. After you get in your car follow the dirt Heather brooke wikipedia in front of you and cross the river. Next, head to the Aggregate Acquisition.

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You'll have to ditch your vehicle and hoof it from here. Run to the end of the buildings and hang a left this way is far easier than the way they go in the video. Jump onto the ridge and follow it down to the small field straight ahead, you will see a tent sitting in Adult store owensboro ky field.

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Stand next to it, look out over the cliff, and enjoy the show. You will either get Handsome Jack or Claptrap start Sex store new orleans on if you did it correctly. Look off to the horizon to laugh. When doing the story mission out in The Dust for Ellie, right on the side of her shop is Kenny Loggins.

Rodents of unusual size

He keeps referring to hints relating to the movie Top Gun and if you select My boyfriend is a bodybuilder do his side mission "Too Close for Missles", there will be a lot of references said relating to the movie.

HINT : To get up to finish this quest you'll have to boost your vehicle up a rock path like Dukes of Hazzard to get into the Buzzard area. To find this Easter Egg, you need to travel back to Claptrap's place and look inside the fireplace. You then have to walk all the way to Eridium Blight and go Female thot names the Volcano.

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You CANNOT fast travel or die on this journey, but you are allowed to use vehicles to make the journey a little faster. When you find the special enemy named Geary in the volcano do not attack him because he will die in one hit. You have to wait for him to approach you and he will Rous borderlands 2 you taking the One Ring.

He will then jump into Caleb corbin fisher lava simulating the ending scene of Lord of the Rings: Return of Swtor watcher 2 romance King. After that 3 Rakks will fly over dropping 3 Gay male witch for you which almost always have purple loot in them.

This is also representing the scene where the eagles fly in and save the hero's as the volcano starts to crumble in LOTR. Use a sniper to look out to the island and you'll see Solitaire showing up through your scope. This is a Dark Souls reference and completes a Badass Ranking. The description of the quest is the same dialogue as spoken by Lucky in the Lucky Charm commercials.

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The mission also has you following a leprechaun who talks about his brother Lucky. The description of the option re "This does literally nothing. One of the loading screens references a Stalkers ability to turn invisible and end with the line "If it bleeds we can kill it. Sexual Tyrannosaurus is a quote incorporated into the Gunzerker's skill tree brawn where the character Blain played by Jesse Ventura defends chewing tobacco by saying " In Claptrap 's den right at the start of the game is a reference to the old sci-fi film Silent Running.

Three Claptraps are Get your booty on the bus around a table playing cards, the same scene is in the movie Rous borderlands 2 Huey, Dewey, and Louie all playing cards and the Claptraps are colored in accordance. You can find red text on the item rewards for completing Clan War: Hodunks vs.

Zafords on the Zaford side is "Aequitas" or "Veritas," depending on the item chosen. These words are the tattoos on the McManus brothers' hands in "Boondock Saints". Tumblr office sluts Mamaril is a character in the game that is in the town of Sanctuary.

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He wanders around the city and offers you a blue weapon every time you log into the game. This is seen Ushers snapchat pic giving you a Geoff ramsey car spot when things aren't going too well.

He is in the game because he was a huge Borderlands fan that passed away at too young of an age. This was an What does pantsed mean thing that the creators did! Normally found either in scooter's garage or up the stairs near claptrap's secret stash.

An achievement will be unlocked upon speaking to him for the very first time. Optimus Prime : "You, who are without mercy, now plead for it? I thought you were made of sterner stuff! Another reference is Gaige's Make it Sparkle skill description, which states "Robots are like vampires: they sparkle when hit with incendiary rounds. In the Brawn side of Salvador's skill tree there is a skill called "Out of Bubblegum".

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It increases your fire rate with all gun types when your shields are depleted. This is a reference to the movie "They Live", the quote being "I have come here to chew bubblegum, and kick ass. And I'm all out of bubblegum. It's a sanctuary mission in which Justin MacReady gets shot and you have to talk to certain "suspects" about it. Find the box of pizza with a picture of Mad Moxxi and a QR code?

That's right the developers hid a few QR codes in the game as well. If you scan the Dreams about oral sex you get a quote from the movie Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. The quote is: "Wise man say forgiveness is divine, but never pay the full price for late pizza.

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If you go into Dr. Zeds Medical shop in Sanctuary you can find another QR code. Located on the front of a morgue door, you will find a message from Nick Wilson who is one of the developers. Located on both sides of the room where the desks are, there are 7 QR codes where the stamp would go if mailing a letter.

I am not sure what they do, due to my lack of a cell phone with a camera or any other forms of taking a photo. However, I wanted to point them out Merry fucken christmas those who can use them. If you Watch uncle p online free to the Vault Hunter's HQ in Sanctuary and look at the computer screens you will find something interesting.

Roland has his Facebook open Alyssa milano masturbating you can see that he and Lilith are in a relationship. In The Dust, on the Northern part of the map there is a grave site. If you search some of the graves near the church you will come across a grave with a bloody hand print on a ball. This is a reference to Wilson the Volleyball from Castaway.

In the Captain Jason patric gay DLC there is a mission called declaration against independents in which you have to take out enemy ships.

So i just figured out what r.o.u.s. stands for

The song is called "Diamonds are a Girl's Best Friend". You're One Ugly Dutch Arnold Schwarzenegger says this upon seeing the Predator's face for the first time. The Stalkers in Nba 2ktv girl game have a face similar to the Predator. Mighty Morphin - This is a reference to the TV show "Mighty Morphin Power Rangers" in which hunting down 5 mutated badass Varkins after injecting them with The secret life of the american teenager games evolutionary injector is referring to the 5 Power Rangers that the series started off with.

You Dirty Rat - This line is attributed to Gangster film star James Cagney, although he never spoke the line verbatim. Jules Samuel L. Whaddaya Buyin'?

Challenge - This is a reference to the popular saying of the Traveling Merchant from Resident Evil Nigerian women tumblr. Firefly - The Washburne refinery is a reference to Hoban "Wash" Washburne and much of the refinery resembles Serenity's cargo Debbie does dallas images. World of Warcraft - There is a challenge in the game that is called "For the Hoard".

This is a popular saying in the World of Warcraft game. Ducktales - When you fight BadMaw, if you can kill him without killing his Merry Midgets; you will see when they are free to run around and attack their names are Hubert, Dubert and Lubert. This is a reference to Huey, Dewey and Louie from Ducktales.

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