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Ren and stimpy beach episode searching femme that loves cheerleaders

Ren's attempts to hook up with ladies at a nude beach are thwarted when it turns out that the girls prefer Stimpy. Stimpson J.

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Network: Spike. InJohn K. TNN was struggling against other channels and decided to give the creator a new chance. In June ofRen and Stimpy returned with 3 all-new episodes which used plots developed for the original Nick showplus the classic episodes the way they were 69 position stories to be seen. The show continues the adventures of the duo from the cult classic cartoon series, placing them Girl dancing to drake a completely No-Nickelodeon-Censorship universe. Originally 6 episodes were due to appear during the summer of but were delayed for a year along with the rest of Spike's "Strip" mainly because of the extremely risque "Naked Beach Frenzy" episode.

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This article may contain content unsuitable for readers under the age of eighteen. This article may contain content that is disturbing, including themes of rape, murder, abuse, drugging, crime, disaster, tragedy, etc. This Alyson michalka feet is one of three that did not air on television in North America, along with Altruists and Stimpy's Pregnant.

Episodes (8)

It has a 3. This article is NSFW!

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This article is NSFL! Plot Ren sexually harasses some attractive young women on the beach.

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Why It Sucks As the title implies, it overuses offensive, disgusting, unfunny, gross, and irritating "humor" about nudity and sexual harassment. If you could even call the episode's comedy "humor".

This show provides examples of:

This is considered to be one of the Bear finger tattoo episodes in the series behind Ren Seeks Helpas it focuses on Ren acting like a pervert to some on the beach. This is also a disturbing promotion of sexual harassment, which happens in real life and is not funny.

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In reality, you can get arrested for sexual harassment, and how did Ren get away with him trying to sexually harass some women on the beach before Hookah bar addison lifeguard showed up? Ren is technically a dog, so humans having sex with animals is considered bestiality. On that topic, dogs that sexually harass women on the beach, intentional or not, can be caught by animal control authorities and get sent to Kelly carlson feet pound, or worse, get shot to sleep.

The "My ball!

#1 - naked beach frenzy

Annoying dialogue and scenes that drag for way too long, giving "Ratatoing'" a run for its money in bad editing. The cashier Stimpy is talking to is a bland Mexican stereotype who has very little purpose Craigs list north nj do anything with the story.

The women on the beach are way too hypersexualized, as well as portrayed as naive, shrill, and catty. They also screamed over literally everything.

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The voice acting is bad on almost all parts. All except for Eric Bauza as Stimpy, who still does a good job of voicing Stimpy as usual.

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He also has hair all over on his body including his buttwhich is pretty Candid thong forum. The animation is pretty awful and gets rather ugly and disgusting to look at every single time. Ren has a boner in one scene, and the towels are placed in his boner Yes, really.

The infamous shower scene.

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This episode feels like it was written by some horny teenage porn addicts for some strange reason. In fact, it is considered pornography and can be found on certain porn websites. We even see Stimpy in a pair of small thong panties. A whole scene of women wrestling over Liquid lap dance, with the slur "retard" being said only once in one line. Graphic toilet humor.

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Redeeming Qualities The first few seconds were calm. As stated before, Eric Bauza still does a good job as Stimpy. Reception "Naked Beach Frenzy" was universally panned David paetkau family the majority of critics, fans of the original cartoon, and audiences for the inappropriate and unfunny humor.

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Trivia Fans asked John Kricfalusi to add more beautiful human women for this episode. She was also sexually harassed by John K. Comments Loading comments Cookies help Girl loses her pants deliver our services. More information OK. menu Personal tools English Create Log in.

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