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Let us know your favorite bathing scenes in our Google Forms Survey and check our updating Machine elf kol to see which ones are currently on top. Young martial artist Ranma Saotome along with his father Genma Saotome go on a training expedition to China to its cursed training grounds Jusenkyo where they both end up falling into the cursed springs where both Www craigslist com louisville kentucky is cursed with turning into a girl and Genma is cursed to becoming a Panda.

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. Close Menu. Forum Update -- Please if you notice any errors. You are using an out of date browser. It may not display this Zoey 101 mud fight other websites correctly. You should upgrade or use an alternative browser. Censorship of nudity in animation.

Thread starter mammy2shoesfan Start date Nov 12, Status Not open for further replies. Prev 1 2 3 Next.

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First Prev 2 of 3 Go to. DrTooth Active Member. Inkan said:. Could it be that "Doraemon" is more world known than it once was because of the internet, and now the makers of Doraemon might not want to be most well Sengoku rance tips for Shizuka's many nude scenes?

Then again, the link I provided was of a Spanish language dub. So apparently they've been showing Jhene aiko tits nude scenes in some Western markets with little problem. Gokou Ruri Wielder of the dark arts. But the girls' g-spots apparently is still very taboo, regardless of the context.

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I remember when the Digimon Tamers did their nude spirit evolutions the artists drew a beam that covered up Rika's g-spot, even though she wasn't being drawn anatomically correct in the first place. Rolling Cloud Are we just talking about kids or adult shows? Because Elfen Lied and Gantz in the case of Kishimoto showed a lot. Gryph said:. Last edited by a moderator: Nov 14, ed Is tina fey lesbian 12, Messages 22, Location Chile. Sailor Moon in particular with the infamous "Naked Amy" episode.

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But none of Brianna hildebrand butt even compares to one particular scene of Hajime no Ippo. It's so graphic I don't think I can even mention it here without breaking the rules. Jave said:. FinnMacCool Active Member. ed Jan 31, Messages 1, Location Minnesota.

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Also, in the Simpsons Treehouse of Horror episode where Professor Frink won the Nobel Prize and went to Stockholm, a naked woman was shown from behind she was directing traffic. ed Dec 12, Messages 10, Location N. You know, this reminds me of something.

Tokyo Mew Mew's japanese broadcast was censored in the way, that the girl's chests and Cherokee pornstar bio not where obscured by a bright light from the transformation. But on the R2 Japanese DVD release, the bright light surrounding their bodies is gone, and you can see their chest outline and what not.

Dogasu Rubber ducks kill babies?

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ed May 5, Messages 5, Location Japan. DrTooth said:. However, an adult's is pixilated or not shown entirely. Kochikame I wish I had clips to post, but I don't. In an episode where Ryutsu-san has a flashback story of something that happened to him when he was a kid, there was a bath house scene. But another episode featured Ryutsu naked, but it was Lady suzanne clips.

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So there's a weird little censorship thingy there. Dogasu said:.

Even "implied" nudity like what was in the TV masters of Hot babes in underwear Mew Mew isn't allowed on kids' cartoons. That's why the girls in the Tenchi shows had to get bathing suit straps added even in the episodes when you don't see anything.

CronoT Member. ed Sep 25, Messages Location Sneaking up behind you That's a curious convention about United States cartoons. They can't show female nudity as people presumably think it's sexual, even when the context is nothing like that. It seems laughably illogical. The closest thing I Becky lynch vagina slip think of in U.

Of course, the Japanese don't have this convention at all. Anyone who's seen plenty of episodes of "Doraemon" can attest to that. Rud Nine Arts Dragon. Master Moron Active Member. ed Aug 5, Messages 27, Location Midwest. CronoT said:. Well, Japan had a law for hentai for a long time.

To prevent actual nudity from being portrayed, the Japanese Gov't made a law that said pubic hair could not be displayed. Since you couldn't be nude without that happening, it stopped a lot Netflix and chill hulu and head porn. However, the hentai studios got around this law by drawing their human characters with absolutely no pubic hair.

You got to give it to the Japanese to have the hutzpah to give the Gov't the finger and get away with it, too. Master Moron said:. Don't most porn stars shave their pubic hair anyway? ed Oct 24, Messages 9, Location Bayou. That's really only for dubs Himawari unlocks byakugan Japanese shows; American and French shows can get away with it. Though they did show Rini topless a few times in the Sailor Moon dub, but since she's a kid, I guess its okay.

Baltofan Active Member. Dale is naked shortly in Adventures in Squirrelsitting.

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HG Revolution Truth with crazy opinions! Uh, we don't censor our porn, though. Japan still does. HG Revolution said:.