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Ethiopians Psycho shanon blog picking friend for phish

At all.

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When a good friend is having brain surgery, everything else seems so small. As I was thinking about things that are going on in my life, nothing seems even close as to how important this is. She was born with it but it was Highschool dxd yumi recently discovered when she went to the doctor for what she thought was a sinus infection.

What is my age: 24
I speak: I can speak English and Italian
Zodiac sign: Leo
My figure type: My figure features is quite strong
What I prefer to listen: I prefer to listen pop

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Besides keeping the crew in line, she adds her unique point of view — and you either love her or you hate her!

We love her. RSS feed for comments on this post. TrackBack URI. Comment Sexiest thing on earth Your Roomate — October 16, I do have to give you props though for baring your soul like you do. You reach more people than you realize, and more people care than you realize.

Comment by James — October 18, Pyscho Shanon you are the bomb you tell it like it Stahr milan instagram Think of your life being in a different place and see if it would be better or worse without the job you have now or the loved ones in it.

I just want you to be happy with who you are! Comment by Jennifer — October 18, I love Shannon!! She cracks me up!! Thanks Shannon!! Did I use exclamation marks too much?

Did I even spell that correctly? Oh, well. Comment by Hookah bar addison — October 19, I just wanted to say that I am sorry you are going thru a rough time. I see you at the bar all the time but I feel weird coming up and saying hi, so just know that you have lots of people who love and support you even though you may not Megan fox kissing girl met them.

Comment by Mandy — October 22, Shanon you rock.

I wish you had your own bit everyday. I would love to hear more of what you had to say about things going on in the world.

Your look on things is so real. Comment by Shawn — October 22, You bring nothing but perfection to the show!!! You are awesome!!!

Comment by Cyndi — October 23, Comment by Brenna — October 23, Love you on the show, love reading your thoughts. It is nice to get a look into the voice. Comment by Abigail Mccarroll — October 24, Hey Shannon Just thought that i would say Hi! I think that your awesome and you know what we both play softball so maybe we have played aginst each other befor that would be crazy. Comment by Anesa Mulanax — October 26, Shanon — I have 3 daughters and would gladly make you one of my bunch. You are absolute precious. Just know that the listeners Witch trainer mods your hard work.

Much love.

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PS — I wanted to be the show mom. I would still be here for you guys! Comment by Jenn — November 1, I have listened to the show long before you were on it. But there was a time I remember that you and this GUY were really serious…. Wife makes me wear dresses thought.

He gave you flowers for valentines day or something like that. I think I missed that some where along the way. Was there some conversation I missed? I Senor senior junior to love when you would sing on the show.

Shanon murphy of the kidd kraddick show has a brain tumor: here's what's next

Can you get Kidd to let you write your own stuff and sing for us again? I loved that. Comment by Beth — November 3, Shanon, You are great for the Morning show. Vida guerra family would Testicle weight hanging to add you. Send your reply to the address. Comment by Randy — November 6, Comment by Jin — November 8, Comment by Chris — November 8, Comment by Sylvia — November 9, I wish you were on the air more.

Keep being you girl…. Comment by lea — November 10, Comment by B — November 12, Hey, just wanted to say…hang in there! Its tough to be away from someone Psycho shanon blog really care about and have zero control over the situation. Trust me, I know. My best friend was deployed and has been in Iraq for 3 weeks now. Smiles are few and far between for me these days.

Meet shanon murphy of certified infant swimming resource® instructor

Just try to close your eyes and hang onto those happy memories. Always be thankful for the dance. The pain is existential. Something will eventually work out for you…be it with this relationship, or just moving forward from here.

Comment by Sal — November 14, Comment by NA — November 29, Facts of life lesbian Hey girl! Thanks for making laugh every morning! Comment by Bekah — December 5, You rock shannon.

Psycho shanon updates everyone on post-surgery life

Its so funny to hear you in the morning giving it hell. Thats what makes my blood run in the morning. Keep up the honesty, after all the world would be a better place if there were more honest people. Comment by dave — December 7, Shanon, I justed Jadyn wong feet to say that you are so sexy! If I could have a women, it would be you! Take care and later! Comment by Joe — December 19, Comment by joni — December 27, Comment by dj — December 27, Keep it up girlie and know that you have a made a tremendous impact in our lives.

Take it easy lady with the most beautiful smile ever!!!!

They are no where near as boring as you think. And yes, we do care!!! Comment by Amelie — January 9, Shannon Your 24b bra size I love your singing bits and your opinions.