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Asking his close friend and rival, Ghost-Maker, to accompany him Katrina weidman hot his latest adventure, the duo enter Batman's mind and are immediately greeted by similar images of three different women he holds close relationships with, one in particular standing out as the odd woman out.

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I remember being a kid and watching Batman: The Animated Series and loving every minute. What I loved the most, though, was all the amazing women characters. They were super cool, super strong and could hold their Brittney skye wiki against anyone. They also had terrific chemistry. But not canonically. Not on the s of an actual real universe DC Comic.

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Harley Quinn artist Chad Hardin has shared the original, unedited version of Harley and Poison Ivy's first in-continuity kiss -- revealing that the moment underwent a small but very ificant change prior to its publication.

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While Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy had already been romantically involved in out-of-continuity DC Comics projects, even sharing a kiss in DC Bombshellsthe pair didn't have their first in-continuity kiss until 's Harley Quinn As part of its Pride Month celebration, DC recently shared the panel containing the kiss on Twitter as part of a discussion regarding queer-coded characters.

Hardin responded Penis dragon tatoo the tweetwriting, "I have the unedited art if you want to post that too.

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Hardin's uncolored art reveals that, originally, Ivy was supposed to kiss Harley on the lips. This was Demi moore fake boobs changed at the behest of editorial.

It is always easier to ask forgiveness than get permission.

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Their romance was teased throughout Season 1 before finally being made official in Season 2. Source: Twitter. Bjj is gay E. Dominguez is a jr. What will he do next?

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Stay tuned. By Noah Dominguez Published Jun 27, Share Share Tweet 0.

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