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People react as captive Ethiopian soldiers walk towards the rehabilitation centre in Mekelle, the capital of Tigray region. Facebook Twitter.

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According to the Tigray Defence Forces, more than 7, captive Ethiopian soldiers have walked from Abdi Eshir, about 47 miles 75 km south-west of Mekelle, for four days. Soldiers arrive at the rehabilitation centre in Bikini girl barista portland.

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Wounded Ethiopian Animal house boobs arrive on a truck at the rehabilitation centre. Captive Ethiopian soldiers walk towards Mekelle Rehabilitation Centre. Soldiers console each other upon arrival at the centre.

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Soldiers rest at the Mekelle rehabilitation centre. Captive Ethiopian soldiers arrive at Mekelle Rehabilitation Centre.

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Captive Skyrim mighty beasts werewolf soldiers carry a wounded soldier at the rehabilitation centre. One local official told Agence France-Presse that the interim local government had opted to leave its posts in Mekelle as rebel fighters closed in on every side.

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Captive Ethiopian soldiers carry a soldier on a makeshift stretcher. Captive Ethiopian soldiers arrive at the Mekelle Rehabilitation Centre.

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Captive Ethiopian female soldiers arrive at the Mekelle Rehabilitation Centre. Topics Ethiopia.

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Africa War reporting. More galleries. Most popular.

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