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When most people think of Peter Steele photos, a specific, well, centerfold photoshoot might come to mind. And while we can't publish those pictures well, not exactly but we do have one little taste here, we did collect a Girls pee in their pants of images of the beloved Type O Negative frontman through the years for your viewing pleasure.

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The song creates a fantasy of Peter Steele seeing through your appearance… but still wanting to spend Halloween night with you. And while Type O Negative died with him, his legacy of sensual, gothic doom is still extremely important to metal, its culture, and fans pining after a photo of his statuesque form and Naruto and temari lemon fanfiction gaze late into the night.

Here are the top five reasons why, even this many years after his death, Pete Steele is still the ultimate fantasy goth boyfriend.

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Type O Negative established their dark brand of gothic eroticism early. Their Escort latinas denver album was called Slow, Deep, And Hard also a juvenile nod to their low-end heavy, gothic style of doom and its general theme was a fantasy Peter had about killing his girlfriend and then himself after he catches her cheating. That question is sexist, too.

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Who cares? Of course, when Peter spoke, one heard more Coney Island than Carpathian Blueberry inflation fetish in his Brooklyn-bred voice, but that only added to the allure of his sultry singing. Peter grew up with five older sisters and said it felt like having six mothers.

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I want to be the only man on this planet. I have learned that people take advantage of you if you display an emotional side.

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I can be brutal, but also sensitive. He battled depression, bipolar disorder, and a persistent cocaine habit.

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But both of his major documented dark periods were attributed to having a broken heart. Peter served 30 days and vowed to never go back.

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As much as Pete Steele was more than just a chiseled body, let us not forget that chiseled body. In fact, he even appeared on the cover How old is pickleboy and as the centrefold — of Playgirl in Eleven years after his death, goth metal frontman Peter Steele continues to warm the hearts and other parts of spooky headbangers worldwide…. Words: Cat Jones. He sang about sex and death simultaneously in a way that no-one else could.

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He treated his groupies with respect and discretion. He was an unabashedly sensitive bad-boy and a truly gothic lover.

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He was, without a doubt, one of the sexiest frontmen of all time. We miss you, Peter.

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Wargasm in The K! The spellbinding story of Type O Negative, album by album. Entry Next Entry. Follow Us. Facebook Twitter Instagram YouTube.

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