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Pedal-pumping, also referred Cocksucking husband stories as revving and cranking, is a new sort of clean, monotonous niche porn that is taking over the web with a big American "redneck" following. The mistress of Jesse James, estranged husband of American actress Sandra Bullock, claims to have a of pedal-pumping fans. Anneli Rufus, award-winning author and contributor to The Daily Beast blog, has unearthed a of sites with thousands of video clips showing pedicured feet in sandals and heels pumping the gas pedal of an automobile, preferably a large truck.

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Pedal pumping is a form of foot fetishfocused on women and cars. The scenario has a damsel in distress theme, where her car has become inoperable. The first situation is with a female whose vehicle won't start for any reason, so Sengoku rance tips rapidly "pumps" the gas pedal in hopes that it will. After it does start, it may need "revving" to keep the engine running.

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